Christianity Grew by Swrod not by Jesus tales

Christianity today is one of the three Largest religions of the world, though there are more than 50,000 denominations with variety of beliefs. Christianity spread away only by the Sword and Genocides of Missionary activities i.e., from 5th to 20th century, but what about Origin of Christianity.

Rodney Stark a sociologist of religion, presently the Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University did his P.Hd at California University Berekely, made his doctoral thesis as Book as                                               stark

The Rise of Christianity -How the Obscure, Marginal Jesus Movement Became the Dominant Religious Force in the Western World in a Few Centuries. Stark who made big analysis of early 20th century reporting of Growth of Iskcon in West(Hare Krishna Movement) and also Mormon church for his analysis.

Stark fixes a Number of 1000 converts by 40CE and a growth rate of 4% year to reach 3-4 million by 300CE. Now a VATICAN Historian analysed his work & his claim is as follows

Bruce Malina, who has argued that Stark’s estimated growth rate is too high:
220 bishops (so Henry Chadwick) attended the Council of Nicea called by Constantine in A.D. 325. These bishops functioned in a face-to-face society. Now in a face-to-face society the maximum number of persons with whom one can interact is ca. 4,000 (so the anthropologist, Jeremy Boissevain); hence, “scientifically” speaking (that is, mathematically), the number of Christians at the time of the Council of Nicea was ca. 880,000, the result of a growth rate of ca. 2.5 percent per year [hence Stark] postulates a growth rate that is exaggeratedly high. –
— Bruce Malina, Book Review of Rodney Stark’s The Rise of Christianity, in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 59 (1997): pp. 593-595.

Year Christians Year Christians  
40 1,000 130 7,451 After100 years after Death of Jesus only 7500 out  of 55 Million
50 1,250 150 11,642  
60 1,563 200 35,527  
70 1,953 250 1,08,420  
80 2,441 300 3,30,872  
90 3,051 325 8,00,000 Rome Govt Makes Chrisitanity as Official Religion
100 3,815 350 2,00,00,000 Roman Sword as tool
    400 5,70,00,000 Roman Sword as tool

WHAT We need to Understand is all these HISTORIANS REJECT BIBLE Fictions in Acts of Apostles which gives many figures Act 1:15 – 120; 2:1 Several Hundred 4:$ 5000, 21:20 Several Thousand of Jews

Above Historians estimate list says by 100CE it was 3,815 and by 130CE 7500 Christians out of 55 Million

This research is confirmed by other researchers, some of the books are

1 Corinthians 1:26 26 Brothers and sisters, God chose you to be his. Think about that! Not many of you were wise in the way the world judges wisdom. Not many of you had great influence, and not many of you came from important families.

From Start Christians target was Un-educated who fall easy prey to cheat and Paul’s letter demand money from them, and Paul said world would end in his life time. What was the early Christians meetings are- as expert summaries-

In 31, the most severe of all the persecution was ended when Emperor Constantine became Christian.  The big minority rapidly swelled into big majority and 80 years later it had became practically illegal for a Citizen of Roman empire not to be Christian. One Hundred years after that the words Roman and Christian seems to have become inter-challengable.  Page-531; Vol-3; Chambers Encyclopedia

“Early Christian meetings involved anarchic and undignified shoutings ans raving.  They worshipped a Jweish Healer who had been executed as a rebel against Rome and absurdly claimed that their dubious Holy man had come back to life again, had risen in to the Sky and would return at any momnent trailing celestical clouds of glory to found a Heavenly Kingdom on earth.   -page-17 The great religions – Richard Cavendish

The Oldest Record of an Independent Christian dedicated Church comes from 3rd century or later only as mostly a group is too small and meet in house of one of the members


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