Unscientific American Chruches gives false science

    Pc0131300.jpgDARK AGES: As far-right American politicians wage war on science,education has become the big casualty Pc0131500.jpg Unscientific Americans How a right-wing fringe is rewriting science,history and economics in the USScience has come under American drone attacks;the signs are unmistakable.The Thomas B Fordham Institute,a US education policy thinktank,published a report earlier this year which stated that American science performance was lagging.The institutes reviewers evaluated science standards for every US state for this report and called their findings deeply troubling.Only half a dozen states got an A;most others scraped through with Ds and Fs.
Given what US policy-makers think is good science education,this shouldnt surprise everyone.After all,heres what US Congressman Paul Broun,a member of the US House of Representatives committee on science and technology,had to say: All that stuff I was taught about Evolution and Embryology and the Big Bang theory,all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell.And its lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. Incidentally,Broun is a doctor of medicine who has said he believes the Earth was created in six days.Brouns logic is unbeatable.After all,thats what the Bible says.
Broun is just one of the many far-right American politicians waging a war on science.In August this year,Todd Akin,a Republican Representative,was asked about his antiabortion stance in the case of pregnancies resulting from rape.His reply,If its a legitimate rape,the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down, probably cost him the Senate election.
The war on knowledge has been waged right from the days of the Scopes monkey trial,when the idea of humans having descended from apes was abhorrent to all right-thinking people,and evolution remains at the forefront of efforts to rewrite science.Now Louisiana textbooks cite the Loch Ness Monster as proof of dinosaurs co-existing with humans,while determined lobbyists in Texas seek to undermine every reference to evolution by mandating an equal and opposite importance to be given to Creationism.
Evolution is not the only thing being denied;climate change is another popular target.Nature magazine mourned this: Denialism over global warming has become a scientific cause clbre within the movement.(Rush) Limbaugh,for instance,who has told his listeners that science has become a home for displaced socialists and communists,has called climate-change science the biggest scam in the history of the world.The Tea Partys leanings encompass religious opposition to Darwinian evolution and to stem-cell and embryo research which they have equated with eugenics.
As Albert Einstein is reported to have said,Only two things are infinite,the universe and human stupidity,and Im not sure about the former.

For more: nature.com;motherjones.com


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