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பாதிரியார் -டாக்டர்.ஜே

சேலம் இந்திய கிறிஸ்துவ மிஷன் சென்டெர்



Children fall prey to Salems house of horror 

Charges Of Sexual Abuse Against Staff Of Orphanage

R Vasundara & L Saravanan TNN 

Salem: The Promised Land,a childrens home on the outskirts of Salem near Paruthikadu,is the antithesis of its eponymous Biblical reference.
The officials who run the institution through an organisation called Indian Christian Mission for Children (ICMC) not only use children of undisclosed origin to solicit funds,mostly from abroad,but have also been charged with physically and sexually abusing them while keeping them in squalid conditions.
While The Promised Land may be an extreme case of the many homes in Tamil Nadu where children are tortured and abused,the state has done little to put a check on such institutions despite specific rules laid own under the Juvenile Justice Act,2006 and the Orphanages and Other Charitable Homes Act,1960.
The states failure to guarantee a childs right to education,proper food,housing and clothing has led to the mushrooming of such homes across Tamil Nadu.The authorities rarely conduct mandatory periodic inspections.Officials granted The Promised Land in 2010 conditional registration for six months but it continues to function without any checks.
Malnourished children at the home are too scared to open up to the few visitors who are permitted within the home,located on a sprawling 120-acre site that is barricaded from the outside world by fences and all-intrusive employees.This correspondent had to pose as a person interested in making a donation to be allowed into orphanage that is owned and run by Reverend S Jayaraj Krishna.
Ramya (name changed),a seven-year-old,has been taught to tell everybody who comes to visit the home she lives in that she is an orphan.I have no parents and neither do my friends, she says,eyes sunk in an emaciated face covered with tousled hair. She lives with more than 20 other children in a shabby 8ft x 8ft matchbox room in a school building converted to a hostel.The children are forced to sleep on the floor without pillows or sheets.The single electric fan on the ceiling does not work.
The light and fan in our room almost never work, said one of Ramyas roommates.Its always dark in the rooms here at night.When we have to study we all go out into a playground,where a large lamp is switched on.

Krishna also runs four colleges and three schools,including one teacher-training institute in the same campus.Construction is underway on a hospital and a medical college all under Krishnas organisation,Indian Christian Mission For Children (ICMC).

The orphanage is off limits to locals and Indians,but foreigners and wealthy donors have limited access.When a donor visits,he can take any child out for the day and spend $50 on him, Krishna said.While the offer may seem generous,child rights activists say sending a child out with a stranger makes the child vulnerable to sexual abuse.
On July 2,an employee of The Promised Land was arrested for allegedly molesting a Class 8 schoolgirl in the hostel.
I asked one of the school officials if I could borrow his mobile phone to call my parents.He told me to meet him on the third floor at 8pm on Sunday, the victim told TOI.When I was on my way to the toilet at 4.30am on Monday,a group of four men blocked my path but I managed to escape.

A few years earlier,the family of one of the male students at the orphanage filed a complaint of sodomy against Krishna himself,but later withdrew the complaint.

Foreign volunteers have also stumbled upon other irregularities at the home.I sent money for a boy for two years, said Andrew,an American volunteer.I received three letters from the child.But when I visited the orphanage,I found he was missing.I was told he had left last year. 
Jackson,another volunteer,says he stayed at The Promised Land campus for a week.I came across instances where children were given free admission and their records were used to gather donations.Later the home began demanding money from the parents on the threat of withholding the students transfer certificates.
According the district social welfare departments own records,it last inspected the premises in 2010.We have recommended the mission for a three-year registration, said M Akhilandeswari,the district protection officer at Salem.( T h i s i s t h e f i r s t r e p o r t i n a t w o – p a r t s e r i e s.N a m e s o f c h i l d r e n a n d v o l u n t e e r s h av e b e e n c h a n g e d t o p r o t e c t t h e i r i d e n t i t i e s ) -TIMES OF INDIA-Chennai 18 &9.12.2012

Donor gets shock of his life at Salems house of horrors 

One Of The Girls Allowed To Go To School Once A Week,Says Briggs

R Vasundara & L Saravanan TNN 

Salem: Jamie Briggs,who works with a church in Connecticut,US,was excited about his first trip to India.His destination was Salem in Tamil Nadu where he was to visit the Indian Christian Mission Centres (ICMC) orphanage-cum-hostel nicknamed the Promised Land.Their website gave the impression that they were looking after the children well, he said.
But when Briggs visited the home at Paruthikadu,he was shocked.I saw children working and doing all kinds of jobs around the place instead of going to school, he said.One girl was allowed to go to school only once a week.She was used to cook and clean. This prompted Briggs to lodge a complaint with the American director on ICMCs international board of directors when he returned home.The wardens hardly talked to the children;nobody taught them how to maintain personal hygiene and they were also beaten up, he told TOI.In a report published on Monday,The Times of India detailed the pathetic and unhygienic conditions of the home where the children lived.
The hostel children are engaged for various jobs,including coconut peeling and cleaning the mango groves, said Malliga (name changed),who worked there as an ayah (helper) for four years from 2007.The food served to the children was also far below standards.Lunch and dinner here is usually rice with sambar or rasam, she said.The children are not given any vegetables in the form of kootu or poriyal.They rarely get non-vegetarian food like chicken or mutton.Meat dishes are only given during Christmas and much of it goes to officials and workers.
Childrens illnesses are also neglected.Young children infected with scabies,fungal infection and fever were not given proper medical care, she said.They would be taken to hospitals only as a last resort when matters became critical.Instead the older inmates at the hostel took care of them. Malliga also alleged that sexual misconduct led to many female workers quitting their jobs.Many teenage girls and female workers are subjected to sexual harassment by the male staff members,wardens and workers there, she said.
According to police records,the leader of the organization,Reverend Jayaraj S Krishnan,was accused of sodomy five years ago.On July 2 this year,a female inmate,studying in Class 8,escaped from the hostel at 4am,alleging that four staff members attempted to rape her.An electrician was arrested,but later released when the case was withdrawn.
Refuting the allegations,Reverend Jayaraj accused local rivals of trying to frame him.Contradicting the allegations of negligence,child labour and physical abuse,he said,Sometimes children run away and when they are caught by the wardens,they threaten them.If anybody beats them up,we will sack them.
Records at the social welfare department office in the town showed that the home was last inspected in the year 2010.An inspection was done then for registering the home, said M Akhilandeshwari,protection officer for the district.Devaki,the probationary officer,who visited the home last week,prompted by activists,said,So far,they have never notified the child welfare committee about the orphans that they have taken in and even poor children. She admitted the living conditions were bad.
A building inside the Indian Christian Mission Centres orphanage campus in Salem 

ICMC’s Leadership PDF Print E-mail
 Rev. Dr. Jayaraj KrishnanThe Founder and Director of ICMC since 1988. An orphan himself he came to open the House of Peace Orphanage 23 years ago, caring for just twelve orphans. Two decades on he is now father to over 1500 desperately needy children.

B.Com- Bachelor of Commerce

M.Div- Master of Divinity- Philippines

Ph.D in Theology-

Dr. Jayaseeli Christy 

 Wife to Jayaraj, is Secretary and Correspondent to ICMC and continues to be a main driving force behind the orphanages expansion.

M.A- Master of Arts-English

D.D Dr of Divinity

Rev. David Livingston

Jayaraj’s eldest son holds the position of General Manager of ICMC. His main role is to co-ordinate the purchasing of goods and food supplies fundamental to the running of the Orphanage.

David holds several degrees from both Indian and American Institutions:

B.A– Bachelor of Arts-English Madras Christian College-Chennai

M.A– Master of Arts-English- Madras

M.Div-Master of Divinity – Texas

B.Ed– Grace Lillian College of Education

M.B.A– Master of Business Administration

Ph.D– Doctorate of Philosophy

L.L.B– Law- Karnataka

Dr. Neva Lily Esther

Administrative Director and Doctor at the Promised Land

M.B.B.S- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery- Vinayaka Missions University

P.G Dip in Diabetology- Annamalai University

Rev. Basil Bright

Additional Director

B.Min- Bachelor of Ministry- Morling Baptist College- Sydney, Australia

B.A- Bachelor of Arts-English Periyar University

Promised Land  

ICMC has recently employed a Manager for the Promised Land- Miss Jemi Savithri- B.Lit-., M.A., B.Ed.,

Eden Garden

Manager- Miss Gehzi- B.Sc., B.Th.,

The International Board

ICMC is overseen by an International Board. The role of the board is to oversee all the activities and decisions made by ICMC.

The current boardmembers are:

Nicholas Wainright ( UK ) – ICMC International President

John Jackson (US)

John Van Bennekom (AUS)

Marty Isaac (AUS)


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