Dr.S.P.Udaykumar -Koodankulam US Professor running a WEB-University

Dr.S.P.Udaykumar -Koodankulam Books written

– ‘Om-made’ History: Preparing the Unlettered for the Future Hindu Rashtra
– Historicizing Myth and Mythologizing History: The Ayodhya Case in India
– Mapping the ‘Hindu’ Remaking of India
– Betraying a Futurist: The Misappropriation of Gandhi’s Ramarajya-

All works are Anti-Indian Mythologies well connected with NGOs and Christian Missionary.

அயோத்தியின் வரலாறு –எஸ்.பி 

Details aabout S.P.Udyakumar in net.


Udayakumar (affectionately known as “Kumar”) teaches at the New Jersey Governor’s School of Public Issues and the Future of New Jersey at Monmouth University. In 2007, he taught a course called “Race and Ethnicity and Globalization,” which capitalized on many of his published works. In 2008 and 2009, Udayakumar taught a course entitled “Nonviolent Leadership,” intended to focus on the theory and practice of nonviolence, with emphasis placed on Mahatma Gandhi and his influence on later leaders.[2]

S. P. Udayakumar


South Asian Community Centre for Education and Research


Web address: 


Areas of Professional Interest: Conflict transformation, dialogue facilitation, sustainable reconciliation, elections monitoring, envisioning futures, human rights education, non-violence training, sustainable development, South Asia, East Africa etc.

Publications: Books:

  • Editor, Teaching Peace in South Asia (forthcoming).
  • Thakararu (Tamil translation of Johan Galtung’s Transcend & Transform). Nagercoil, India: Transcend South Asia, 2006.
  • Co-author with Johan Galtung, Education for Peace and Development (forthcoming from Information Age Publishers, US, 2006).
  • Editor, Disaster Education. Nagercoil, India: Transcend South Asia, 2006.
  • ‘Presenting’ the Past: Anxious History and Ancient Future in Hindutva India. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2005.
  • Editor, Handcuffed to History: Narratives, Pathologies, and Violence in South Asia. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2001.

TRANSCEND Peace University

Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation (Dr. S. P. Udayakumar). TPU online courses mainly appeal to participants of graduate or post-graduate level, or people 


10 Responses to Dr.S.P.Udaykumar -Koodankulam US Professor running a WEB-University

  1. krishnan says:

    udyakumar yenbhavanai should be arrest and put law and order
    like ms indira gandhi ji period.
    i am not congress man.
    apply lathi charge and arrest him immediately

  2. I donno where this Dr.S.P Udayakumar has went for the past days when this nuclear power plant was constructed. It was built up in such a way that it’ll not cause any harm to the human living there. Dr. Uday, you are a teacher of Public Issues. Please try to understand that even Power scarcity is also a public issue. Government is running for the benefit of people. None of the government will cause any harm to public. You are not ready to accept what Our former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam says. You are not ready to talk with any of the members formed by our government. You are not ready to talk with any of the Ministers of India. The only thing that you needed is not to open that.
    I even donno why our Indian Government is very weak to take actions in this? Can’t the government take any action against those who protest for this.

    “சாம, தான, வேத, தண்டம்” என்று கூறுவது போல் நடந்து கொண்டால் தான் நாட்டிற்குத் தேவையான மின்சாரம் கிடைக்கும்.
    More over if Dr.Uday needs, he can even conduct a poll. The poll result itself will do to know whether he is right or wrong.

    Even I thought some of the team’s questions raised against the nuclear power plant was right. But I got totally irritated when the team refused to speak with Dr.Kalam!

    Screw Dr,Uday!!! He is such a fake person!!! Your mask will be surely tared by the Indians soon!!!

    • Tritor says:

      Can we take a poll to rape your mother. If majority says s. Can we let any one rape her?? There UDAYKUMAR Will be there to stop that u idiot. He is a great scientist and already a rich. he doesnt need to get money from any one. Study on issue first.

      • Scientists on nuclear and pollution on clear on its safety, traffic kills 1000s every day, much higher than any nuclear done till date

    • Tritor says:

      யார் சொல்வதையும் கேட்காமல் அனுபவித்து வ(தி)ருந்தும் ஒரு சராசரி மனிதன்… We can able to understand the same.

  3. mohan says:

    இந்தியா முன்னேறாமல் இருந்தால் தானே இவர்களால் மத வியாபாரம் செய்ய முடியும்

  4. Kumar says:

    10 Nuclear Power Plants have been Planned in Koodankulam. 1 plant has been completed. Another 1plant work has started. So totally these 2 plant only can be allowed in Koodankulam. The other planned Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants can be shifted 2 each to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, Chattisgarh, Jharkand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. For example in states many lakes are available in Uninhabited/Less Inhabitated Areas and many Inland Nuclear Power Plants can be established in these states like USSR, USA, Europe, Rajasthan etc. Also 80 to 90 % Power should be given to these respective states where Nuclear power is generated, since they take the risk of Nuclear Problems. Also the People residing around say 20 to 30 Kms should be given Minimum Rs.1 Crore for rehabilitation (House, Employment etc) for Ordinary workers and Many amount more for those who have more properties.

  5. maddy says:

    Bastered udyakumar ………..u know what he was doing in US ..HE wrote some crack things about Hinduism and indian bloody motherfucker udyakumar..i dont know why our CM & tamil people listening this cheap maron speech and some of the church also giving supports,,why thoes church fathers go to us or Israel and give support aginst nuclear power, those are not the real Jesus followers all are fake..pls dont support to udyakumar and group.

  6. Vishnu says:

    The world evangelical focus on Tamil people is no secret as reportedly 6000 crore plus aid money flew into the hands of christian proselytizers last fiscal.
    The back bone of Tamil identity broken by internal rot in its post independence casteist society and its repercussion in terms of Dravidian movements have left the Tamils most vulnerable to christian mumbo jumbo…

    The power struggle continues with the new Koodankulam drama, only this time Tamils have noticed the big ugly boil on their face,,,..the boil formed as a result of being in bed with the missionaries….all the world astage and koodankulam only a tiny part!…santa nana…is the new sanantana!

  7. karthikeyan m s says:

    mr udaya kumar should know in US indians are called as dot heads ,he is simply brainwashing few fishermen floks to spread false message . first let him say what he will deliver to the people ,poor people in & around kudankulam are drinking flith water for so many years & this development around started only after the coming of kudankulam project .even though kudankulam borders kk dist ,kk dist at now point shared water to the kudankulam area now people from kk dist are envy ar the progress of these area from where every inch of land is used for generating power .

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