CSI Church cofirms Bishop Scams and take Huge Donations in Colleges and School run by Church

Charges against CSI bishop true: Panel

24 Oct 2010 10:30:42 AM IST

COIMBATORE: The fact finding team, set up to probe allegations of misappropriation of diocese funds levelled against CSI Bishop Dr Manickam Dorai, has stated in its interim report that the charges were found to be true.

A ‘status report’ (a copy of which is now with Express) submitted by the panel, headed by Michael F Saldanha, former judge of the Karnataka High Court and synod moderator Rev Vasanthakumar, in Chennai in the last week of September has rapped the bishop for his actions, which they said were grave enough to seek his dismissal as a bishop.

In his report, Saldanha said the fact finding committee, comprising former Karnataka DGP A J Anandan and a bank auditor, C E Sarasam, was seriously handicapped since the cases filed against Bishop Dorai and 30 others were under investigation by the CB-CID. Moreover, he added, a majority of the documents pertaining to the Coimbatore diocese had been seized by the CB-CID to be produced before court.

The team held its inquiries at educational institutions managed by the diocese in Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Erode and Salem. The report said the members came upon major revelations, enough to make more than a prima facie case against the tainted bishop. However, they couldn’t interrogate his wife, Soodamani, and brothers Murthy and Dhanapal.

The report stated that fixed deposit receipts amounting to `3 crore had been pledged without authorisation and resolution. Besides, it added, Murthy had encumbered the diocese by borrowing over `2 crore from a private moneylender in Erode.

Moreover, the immovable property belonging to the diocese had been sold for several crores of rupees, but the records show that the deal took place at just 20 per cent of the market value. And Bishop Dorai was responsible for these transactions, it said.

Saldanha said the evidence was so strong and foolproof that it would sustain a straight conviction in a criminal court.

The panel head said Bishop Dorai had collected `2 lakh from each student of the Ketti Engineering College in Nilgiris at the time of admission. The total amount of money involved is said to be around `14 crore. Some students and parents confirmed this to the panel during the inquiry.

DGP A J Anandan told Express that the charges against Bishop Dorai were true. However, he said the team would give its final report by the end of December since they were collecting more evidence. Saldanha could not be contacted as he was away in the US.


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