Writings similar to Indus script found near Palani

Padmini Sivarajah | TNN

HISTORIC: Script similar to the one used by Indus valley people has been found by an archaeologist in Karadikootam hills

Madurai: An amateur archaeologist has claimed that he has discovered writings in a cave that appear to be similar to the signs used in the Indus script.The writings,found in a cave in the Karadikootam hills near Palani in Dindigul district,could date back to nearly 3,000 years,says V Narayanamurthy,who has been pursuing archaeology for the past 22 years.
Speaking to The Times of India,Narayanamurthy said that in a cave on the eastern side of the Karadikootam hills,he saw writings on the walls that were very similar to the Indus script also known as Harappan script,which consists of short strings and symbols associated to the Indus valley civilization.
Narayanamurthy,also Cuddalore district secretary of the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Research Institute,said the symbols found here were identical to the 240th and 247th signs out of the 1417 deciphered Indus valley signs.Earlier discoveries in this region,including a beadmaking unit,discovered last year,have strengthened the theory that trade between the Indian subcontinent and Greece and Rome had taken place through a route that covered this area.
Four structures resembling a mancala board (a kind of board game) which consists of 12 pits in two rows of six with beads being transferred from one to another have also been discovered near this site.Traditionally,mancala games were played with holes dug in the earth,or holes carved out of stone.These structures are proof that these games,similar to those found in the Egyptian pyramids,may have been played by traders when they came from faraway nations, said Narayanamurthy.
These writings could have been untouched because they are inaccessible,and one could reach it only with the help of a rope,he said.Research would have to be done to know the nature of the ink used in these writings,because they were bright and not like the animal fat or natural dye writings found in many caves in the region.
Rononjoy Adhikari,assistant professor at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences,Chennai,who has done research in the Indus script,said the possibility of these writings being related to the Indus script could not be ruled out.
There have been claims of similar scripts being discovered in many parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala,but a lot of study has to be done to confirm the same, he said.At the same time if it was proved,then the theory that the Indus valley civilization extended only up to Daimabad in Maharashtra as its southernmost point would have to be reworked,he added.


2 Responses to Writings similar to Indus script found near Palani

  1. arunagiri says:

    Yes there are so many other treasures to be brought to the notice of the world in that area.Being a friend of this archaeologist V.Narayana moorthy i had several experience in field survey with him particularly in and around palani area.some exposure is needed to him atleast like this news.

  2. Muthamizh says:

    Sure i will expose this…https://www.facebook.com/AncientTamilCivilization

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