HYDERABAD Parkwood principal, Salahuddin Ayub arrested for rape of 13 year oldstudent

Clockwise from left: Angry parents ransack the school; Salahuddin Ayub, principal of the school, has been arrested for allegedly raping the teenager

In Hyderabad A Standard XI girl from Malad, studying near Hyderabad, got her principal arrested late on Wednesday alleging he raped her for the past one year, at times at gun point. She further said he impregnated her.

However, authorities of Parkwood International School, in Rangareddy district of Andhra Pradesh, have stood by the principal, Salahuddin Ayub, 50, and have said the girl was a trouble-maker. The complaint said the principal first raped the girl after spiking her cola.

Ayub threatened to kill her siblings, who studied in the same school, the complaint said, adding she was raped 15 times in the past one year.

Central Crime Station (Hyderabad) Deputy Commissioner J Satyanarayana confirmed the principal’s arrest and said, “There are allegations that the principal, Ayub, had sexually assaulted other girls as well.”

Even as students’ unions, parents and women’s organisations protested inside the school on Thursday, ransacking furniture and pelting school buses with stones, the school authorities stood rock-solid behind Ayub.

The school’s academic affairs director, Ayesha Tanveer, said the girl was expelled from the school in 2009 because she created communal trouble. She said, “The girl had an affair with her senior. She insisted he convert to her religion so that they could get married. We expelled her after the boy complained about the girl’s demand.”

Clockwise from left: Angry parents ransack the school; Salahuddin Ayub, principal of the school, has been arrested for allegedly raping the teenager

In January this year, Tanveer said, the girl’s father pleaded with the school authorities to re-admit her, which was done.

A teacher at the school said the girl comes from an influential family and was known to throw her weight around. The teacher said, “She would often get into a tiff with the management, and threaten to put the school in trouble.”

The girl’s father has said the school is trying to protect its reputation by painting his daughter black.

He said, “Ayub forced my daughter to visit his house on Road No 12, Banjara Hills and raped her there. After my daughter fled the school and told me the entire incident, I went to Hyderabad and confronted him. Ayub offered me a blank cheque and asked me to keep quiet.”

The girl’s father said he wants death punishment for Ayub. He said, “Law may not permit his hanging, but he deserves it.”

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission has directed the authorities to present Ayub before it on Friday. The school also faces derecognition.

‘Parkwood staff, students faced abuse’

TNN, Jul 22, 2010, 11.56pm IST

HYDERABAD: The sexual abuse of a minor student at Parkwood International School is possibly not a one off case as those familiar with the school and the director point out that several students and staff faced ‘uncomfortable situations’ and faced abuse in the past.

Sources said that several students had complained of the director, Md S Ayub’s `misbehaviour’ with them. They said that even staff and faculty of the school were not comfortable with his behaviour.

A former female faculty member who was not happy with the director’s interaction with students said: “He used to ask them about their relationship with boys on the same campus and even ask them to explain their experiences of puberty. All this was done in the name of counselling students and even the staff could not have objected to it.”

Sources said the director had been making enquiries about the minor rape victim for a long time. “He used to quiz her teachers about her and refer to her in vulgar terms,” a source told TOI.

The school which was established in 2003 by Ayub himself, is co-owned now by his sisters, Ayesha Tanveer and Tabassum Farooqi. Ayub is an HPS alumnus and has done his engineering from Osmania University. His HPS batchmates include a Union minister, whose children study in Ayub’s school. That the school enjoys clout in the education circuit is evident from the names listed in the governing council, which include HCU vice chancellor Seyed E Hasnain, Microsoft’s Hyderabad location head Srini K and managing directors and senior officials of various other companies including Cognizant. It is learnt that Nandini Raju, wife of Ramalinga Raju, was also on the governing council until last year.

A cash-rich enterprise, Ayub even got private equity funds for setting up campuses in Canada and Middle East. He was the former director of Hyderabad Stock Exchange. His sister Ayesha Tanveer said that at one point Ayub was also the director of the National Stock Exchange and that he had set up the school for the who’s who of the city’s expatriates.

A Banjara Hills resident, Ayub is married and the couple has three children. Incidentally, his youngest son is the classmate of the victim’s brother in Parkwood.

Parkwood Rape: Protest Rally By Girls

Scores of girl students took out the rally in front of the SHRC office, in protest against the reported rape of a 13-year-old student by the principal of Parkwood.

22nd Jul, 2010: Girl students on Thursday took out a rally in protest against the reported rape of a 13-year-old student by the principal of Parkwood International School at Manneguda near Vikarabad.

The girls shouted slogans against the principal and demanded that the school’s recognition be revoked immediately.

Scores of girl students took out the rally in front of the State Human Rights Commission office.

Earlier, activists of the Progressive Democratic Students Union (PDSU) submitted a petition to the SHRC, seeking justice on behalf of the student who was allegedly raped.

The PDSU also demanded that the school’s recognition be revoked with immediate effect.

Talking to INN, PDSU general secretary Gautam Prasad said that the alleged rape of a the girl student by the principal of her own school was condemnable and abhorrent.

He commented, “Such incidents not only tarnish the image of the school concerned, but also raise a question on the deteriorating morality of the country.”

Gautam Prasad revealed that the PDSU had urged the SHRC to look into the incident to find the root cause of the atrocious act and act accordingly, so that such cases are not repeated in the future.

The shocking incident came to light after the girl’s parents filed a complaint about the incident.

Parkwood school director molested six more girls

Express News Service P Hareesh

HYDERABAD: More skeletons tumbled out of the Parkwood International School on Thursday, a day after a Class XI student accused its director-cum-correspondent Mohd Salahuddin Ayub of sexually assaulting her. At least six more girls were reportedly molested by the man, investigators, who visited the school at Munneguda in Vikarabad, discovered.

Ayub, aged over 50, is a resident of Road No 12, Banjara Hills and also has a rest house in the sprawling Parkwood campus. The Central Crime Station (CCS), probing the allegations against him, despatched two teams led by Assistant Commissioner of Police K Sudhakar and Inspector A P Anand Kumar to the school. The sleuths spoke to the students, some of whom, sources said, alleged that Ayub had sexually exploited them.

CCS DCP J Satyanarayana, meanwhile, disclosed details of the complaint lodged by the Class XI girl, daughter of a rich business family in Mumbai. “Ayub has a rest house on the terrace of the girls’ hostel. On March 10, he summoned the girl to his rest house and offered a soft drink laced with sedatives. As she fell unconscious, Ayub allegedly raped her,” Satyanarayana said quoting from the complaint. After the 17-year-old regained consciousness, she complained of pain but Ayub reportedly told her that there was nothing to worry. “Four-five days later, Ayub repeated the same. Subsequently, he tried to rape the girl without sedating her. When she resisted him, he threatened to eliminate her younger sister and brother, who are also studying in the same school, and raped her,” the officer explained. The minor girl was allegedly raped at least 15-20 times, twice at Ayub’s residence.

The girl said in her complaint that Ayub had threatened her with a revolver. The CCS sleuths found that he was indeed in possession of a licenced revolver and reportedly seized the weapon.

Cases under Sections 376 (rape), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 201 (suppressing evidence) were registered against Ayub and he has reportedly been detained for questioning.

At the school, several parents took their children back. The school management, however, trashed the girl’s charges and cast aspersions on her character.


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