CENTRAL BANK SPENDS 70 Crores to defend Managing director HA Daruwalla’ Scams

Rupee 69L paid to lawyers muzzle whistleblower

Manoj Mitta | TNN

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New Delhi: The lengths to which a government body could go to harass a whistleblower is evident from an RTI reply disclosing that over 18 months it had paid Rs 69.24 lakh as fees to lawyers,the bulk of which went to Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.
Responding to whistleblower Abhijit Ghosh,the Central Bank of India disclosed on July 1 that it had spent that amount as lawyers fees from October 2008 to April 2010 to defend itself against a writ petition filed by him before the Delhi high court.
Out of the Rs 69.24 lakh it spent on lawyers for about 20 hearings that took place during those 18 months,the Central Bank paid Rs 48.5 lakh to Singhvi,Rs 7.92 lakhs to Ashok Bhasin,and Rs 9.64 lakh to Vinay Sharma.

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The bank also disclosed that the engagement of the lawyers and the fees payable to them was approved at the beginning of the proceedings by the then chairman and managing director,HA Daruwalla,the very officer against whom Ghosh,then a general manager,had blown the whistle.

Silencing questions

Feb 2008 |

General manager of the Central Bank of India Abhijit Ghosh files a complaint with CVC against CMD H A Daruwalla 

July 2008 |

CVC closes complaint 

Aug 2008 |

Central Bank issues first chargesheet to Ghosh 

Sept 2008 |

Ghosh files petition before Delhi High Court,which stays departmental proceedings 

Oct 2008 |

Bank suspends Ghosh and provokes the HC to issue a contempt notice to it 

Nov/Dec 2008 |

Bank issues two more chargesheets and high court another contempt notice.Daruwalla retires with all benefits 

Aug 2009 |

CVC launches fresh inquiry against Daruwalla 

March 2010 |

Ghoshs suspension revoked just two days before his retirement,but he is denied terminal benefits 

July 2010 |

Central Bank discloses under RTI that it spent Rs 69 lakhs on fees for lawyers,including Abhishek Manu Singhvi

Whistleblowers ID compromised

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New Delhi: Central Bank has disclosed in reply to an RTI plea that the engagement of lawyers in the case against a whistleblower and the fees payable to them was approved at the beginning of the proceedings by the then chairman and managing director,H A Daruwalla,the very officer against whom Abhijit Ghosh,then a general manager,had blown the whistle.
Contrary to rules,Daruwalla is alleged to have,among other things,pressured borrowers to make huge donations to the school she had studied in,empanelled a travel agency in which her sister was employed and diverted a bulk of the banks work to it,and entered into negotiations with the lowest bidders on tenders related to publication of diaries and calendars.
As general manager of Central Bank,Ghosh filed the writ petition against his own organization in September 2008,a month after it had issued a chargesheet against him.The petition also followed the decision of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) in July 2008 to close the complaint filed by him under the whistleblower regime alleging serious misconduct by Daruwalla.
Besides challenging the CVCs rejection of his complaint,Ghosh asked the HC to quash the banks chargesheet and direct the CVC to protect him from being victimized by Daruwalla.
The prayer for protection is particularly significant because,contrary to the 2004 cabinet resolution on safeguards for whistleblowers,the then vigilance commissioner,Ranjana Kumar,is alleged to have compromised Ghoshs identity in the course of her meetings with Daruwalla.
After the high court stayed the chargesheet in the very first hearing of Ghoshs writ petition,Central Bank retaliated by placing him under suspension in October 2008 and issuing two more chargesheets.This prompted the high court to slap two contempt notices on the bank,leading to a bonanza for the lawyers engaged by it.
The saving grace is that two days before his retirement in March 2010,Central Bank was forced to revoke Ghoshs suspension,thanks to an intervention by the Department of Personnel and Training and the banking division of the finance ministry on the basis of his representation.

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19 Responses to CENTRAL BANK SPENDS 70 Crores to defend Managing director HA Daruwalla’ Scams

  1. B.D.V. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    It is fine that you have brought one misdeed and high handed Behaviour / Attitude of Daruwalla, the then Chairperson to light. But she has ruined hundreds of Officers and their families by simply suspending, issuing chargesheets on flimsy grounds and dismissed them. I am also one among them.

    I was General Secretary, Central Bank Officers’ Association, Andhra Pradesh. She has made our Association as target and wanted to crash us.

    Basing on a false complaint by customers (Local Leaders of Hanamkonda, Warangal) I was suspended, issued Chargesheet and conducted the Enquiry by violating all the norms of Bank as well as against Principles of Natural Justice and dismissed me from services in August, 2008 though the complainants have withdrawn their complaint unconditionally and categorically and none of the charges levelled against me or proved.

    Basically the Chargesheet issued to me is untenable as it is vague and no details of chrarges are mentioned or proved. I appealed and the same punishment was awarded.

    On prior appointment, I met Sri. R. Sridhar, the present Chairman of Central Bank of India at Mumbai on 30th March, 2009. He heard me patiently about the victimisaton action of Daruwalla for around 25 minutes and assured to do justice. He advised me to submit Review Petition and accordingly I submitted on the same day.

    But, it is unfortunate to mention that inspite of his assurance to do justice, Sri. Sridhar also fell into the steps of Daruwalla and confirmed the same punishment i.e. dismissal from service.

    I do not understand, who is there to mend these type of Bureaucrats and because of their inhuman and uncorned behaviour and attitude many hundreds of employees are suffereing without any fault.

    At this juncture, my sincere request is kindly highlight the misdeeds of Daruwalla as well as R. Sridhar and make them realise and not to behave like dictators.

    • sudhir chopra says:

      There should be an enquiry into misdeeds of CMD of Central Bank of India by CBI and justice given to the victims.FIR should be registered against miss Daruwala and she should be arrested immediately to restore peoples confidence.

  2. srikant panda says:

    Indian Govt. can,t be able to do any thing.They had a very powerful weapon i.e our neat and clean judiciary system.
    some one was 100% correct about and old saying
    Add from my side

    You go to higher level their is no time limit for a particular ( Specially in judiciary system ) work but come down every where you will have time limit for all work .
    We are in illusion that govt is not supporting smt Daruwalla Actually govt is in support of her.

  3. somnath b pal says:

    I have worked as BM during Ms. Daruwalla’s tenure. The atmosphere she created in the Bank was one of total distrust. She always used pressure tactics on all executives to get things done as per her whims. A totally whimsical lady, she used to blow hot and cold at one breath. Totally unpredictable, she totally ruined the bank by implementing her quixotic ideas. Here are some example : She had ordered all the ZMs and RMs to ensure that officers attend offices on Sundays and Holidays. Using abusive and unparliamentary words was the order of the day as Ms Daruwalla herself used abusive language her some of the stooges and Chamchas (Excepting likes of Mr.Abhijit Ghosh) always went overboard and freely used not only abusive language but also threatened with dire consequences all the time. There are many things to write about. The pressure tactics used by all the executives to boost advances and the way officers were made to work day and night is hard to believe. The lady must be brought to book along with her sycophants, but for whom she could not have ruled Central Bank in the manner she did.

  4. atul tripathi says:

    clearly it is the government who has supported ms daruwala, the complains against her is not new. It was published in Tehelka magazine in 2008.And I am surprised the way she ruled the central Bank despite the various allegations were sent to finance ministry as well as to PMO. There should not be any sympathy with her from any corner of the civilised society. thanks to mr prashant bhushan who is fighting free of cost for mr Ghosh. And mr Singhvi must know that money is not everything. Instead of supporting ms Daruwala,He should have supported Mr Bhushan in this noble cause.

    The govt must send Ms Daruwala behind the Bar for mismanagement of public money and should take corrective measures in such a way that these type of people never come again on top .

    my sympathy is for all the victims and their families of the Central Bank of India.

  5. praveen says:

    high headedness in all the public sector banks has to be investigated. the officers at the helm think that whatever an instituion is achieving is because if them only and forget the main achievements of the front office staff.

    tha major cake is taken away by the heads and awarded. the front office staff without whose co-operation achievements are not possible are made to suffer. State bank, indian bank, IOB< UCO PSB< are all under one category of harrasing staff only. No set rules for promotions, dictaed in connivance of union leaders who seldom help their fund raisers. they help only their cotteire members

    if the rules are made transparent then only real propserity will be seen.

    praveen, bhatinda

  6. http://allbankingsolutions.com/Daruwalla-Ghosh-RTI-links-details.htm

  7. Dalip Sharma says:

    I am deeply anguished with the treatment meted out to Mr. BDV Ramakrishna in Central Bank of India. He has been treated as first-rated criminal and shunted out from service at the dictation of higher-ups.

    His case deserved to be re-opened, re-assessed, re-evaluated and any lesser punishment for all “such concocted misdeeds” should be inflicted so that Officer may live with dignity and his livelihood must be protected.

    I pray Shri Shanti Bhushan, the eminent Advocate in the case of Shri Abhijit Ghosh will also take up this genuine case for restoring the diginity of the beleaguered officer.

    Mr. BDV Ramkrishna, plz approach Shri Shanti Bhushan ji.

    • B.D.V. Ramakrishna says:

      Dear Dalip Sharma,

      Thanks for your comments. I believe that you remember me and recollect the days we spent at Darbhanga, Bihar. You must have closely observed me and my attitude for quite a long time.

      In your comments you have mentioned that my case deserves to be re-opened, re-assessed, re-evaluated and any lesser punishment should be inflicted. As a friend you thought that injustice has been done to me.

      I would like to inform you that I have not committed any fraud, put loss to bank even a single paise, no financial irregularities nothing. My case is purely Victimisation by management with support and instigation of rival union i.e. AIBEA.

      It is a fact that the rival unions spent huge amount by making payment to complainants to lodge complaint against me and for taking hundreds of copies of VCD and to send it to different parts of the country.

      You will surprise to note that the chargesheet issued to me is not tenable and not framed as per the norms of the bank. viz., date of incident / allegation not mentioned, place of incident / allegation not mentioned etc.

      The charges levelled against me are as follows:
      Mr. Ramakrishna is in the habit of abusing customers
      Mr. Ramakrishna is in the habit of abusing executives
      Mr. Ramakrishna is doing up and down from Hanamkonda to Hyderabad
      Mr. Ramakrishna has shifted sofa set from inside the counter to outside the counter
      Mr. Ramakrishna has demanded cell phone from a customer

      It is not mentioned in the chargeshee the name of customer, what abuse, where and when.

      It is not mentioned in the chargeshee the name of executive, what abuse, where and when.

      Further, you will surprise to hear that the complaint was made by three customers (Local Leaders) of Hanamkonda (where I was working) and after two months they have categorically withdrawn their complaint by realising the facts. None of the complaints was present in the Departmental Enquiry as witness.

      Bank has violated all the laid down norms of conducting Departmental Enquiry and Principle of Natural Justice.

      Bank has not allowed Mr. Shatrugan Thakur, General Secretary, Muzaffarpur Zone as my Defence Representative.

      Bank has not allowed my DR to appear in the Enquiry stating that I have to make my own arrangements.

      Bank has changed Disciplinary Authority after 42 days of the Inquiring Authority submitted his findings which is against the norms of Conduct Regulations of Bank.

      Chairperson issued Circular No. 165 on 6th August 2008 mentioning as follows:

      “For the said acts of grave misconduct against Shri Ramakrishna, he was placed under Suspension and served with a charge sheet. In the departmental enquiry, Shri Ramakrishna was given full and fair opportunity to defend his case and as such the allegation that the departmental enquiry was conducted violating the principles of natural justice is unfounded. The enquiry has since been completed and the decision of the Disciplinary Authority is awaited.”

      On 14th August 2008, Disciplinary Authority issued Final Orders that I am dismissed from Services with disqualification for future employment.

      The Pity is the Apex level Federation has not bothered about me and my case. Besides, they are also behaving like management.

      In view of my genuine submissions and victimisation by management I can only pray God to do justice and wait for the disposal of my case by High Court of A.P.

      I pray Shri Shanti Bhushan, to kindly note the vindictive attitude of Central Bank Of India and widely publicise through media if possible and bring it to the notice of Government and CVC.

      As advised by you I can’t approach Shri. Shanti Bhushan ji due to my financial constraints.

      Thanks for your kind consent.

      B.D.V. Ramakrishna
      Mobile: +91 8008 525 617

  8. phiroz says:

    This is not to defend Daruwalla but to highlight the fact that Ghosh was favoured right from 1984. He secured all promotions from Scale I i.e. Jr Officer to Scale VI. Dy General Manager without moving out of New Delhi. Wheras others who put dedicated service had to wait for 7 years for promotion from Scale I to Sc II, this Ghosh got all his promtions by getting Board Resolutions passed to make exception at every stage. He was P.R.O. from Sc I to Sc IV and stationed in New Delhi whereas the4 Central Office of the Bank is in Mumbai. Thereafter he was accomodated as representative on BIFR and for liasioning work also in New Delhi. What are the qualifications of Ghosh for getting such out of turn promotions. Ask him to appear in a Banking Exam conducted impartially and every one will know his calibre.
    Once again I say that this is not to justify alleged actions of Daruwalla but is written by a frustrated Officer who found it hard to put up with type of favouritism extended to a person like Ghosh.

  9. phiroz says:

    I may add that why no body has made an RTI application to find out career chart of Ghosh,
    Why other officers seeking promotions had to do a stint of 3 years in rural areas and why Ghosh was spared from rural posting.
    Again why Ghosh was not transferred from one city to another on each promotion which is a pre requsite for other ordinary mortals. Ghosh was himself a favourite of Daruwalla initially but soon she found out his administrative incapacity as General Manager (HRD). Moreover even as General Manager with fuirnished accomodation and car he wanted to be transferred from Mumbai to New Delhi.
    One can understand grievances of other officers who claimto have been subjected to maltreatment but certainly not Sarkari Damad like Ghosh and I will be too happy if Ghosh read this post.

  10. M.Gandhi says:

    In banking history no person recruited as a clerk became General Manager in a span of two and a half decades.
    In Central Bank itself, at the relevant time, a clerk had to complete 6 years to be eligible to become lowest rung officer. Then to become Scale II Officer one had to wait for yet another seven years and for Scale III another 5 years. Did Ghosh work in any Branch or on Operational side. If one remains as PRO and that too in the Capital, scope for committing even genuine mistakes is zero.That is not a sign of ability. Why was Ghosh promoted from clerk to Dy General Manager without being shifted from N .Delhi?
    In one instance, the Promotion Order was ready before the farcical interview in which Ghosh alone was the candidate.With this sort of favouritism, the rank and file of other oficials of the Bank was in for demoralisation and frustration.
    No Sir, I am not trying to defend Daruwalla for her high handedness. I am trying to show that if an Officer in the rank of General Manager refuses to obey a legitimate transfer Order, what example does it set? Ghosh is no saint nor a innocent victim.Let Daruwalla be taken to task for her lapses but that is not to say that Ghosh was unjustifiably ‘harassed’. In fact a decade and a half back, the Officers Association of the Bank had filed a case against the Management of the Bank for wrongful violation of promotion policy in case of Ghosh but the case could not succeed due to technical reasons.So please do not glorify him undeservedly.


    I have the misfortune of working with Ms.Homai Daruwalla at Union Bank of India and witness to her arrogance and high handedness. I was deputed to Bhopal for audit assignment and there became victim of MIC gas poisoning on the night of December 3, 1984. I was about to collapse and die on the road,and subsequent suffered from serious after effects of MIC gas poisoning.
    My second and more honorific journey started now. The attitude of my employer and another namesake of Union Carbide e.i. Union Bank of India was more poisonous than the MIC gas released from Union Carbide. There it was accident due to sheer negligence but here cold blooded attempt was made by Mrs.Homai Daruwalla to even to acknowledge that I suffered from Mic gas poisoning while on duty for them at Bhopal. Nearly 25 years after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy I am still seething with anger trying to recollct the callous insensitive attitude of the management of Union Bank of India which was dancing to the tune of Ms.Homai Daruwalla the only Scale III officer.
    I applied to my employer Union Bank of India for transfer to Bhopal for medical treatment. I submitted a certificate from Chief Medical Officer certifying that I was suffering from after effects of MIC gas poisoning and the treatment for same was available only at Bhopal. But by this time a big cover up operation already started and the word MIC gas poisokning was taboo in Government circle. The bank kept quite on my written application. I came to Bhopal of my own for medical treatment and submitted medical certificates fro time to time and applied for special leave as I suffered MIC gas poisoning while on duty. But no special leave was sanctioned my salary was stopped my saving account at their Bombay branch where my salary was credited was frozen forcing me to abandon my medical treatment and return to Bombay.All this was done by Mrs.Homai Daruwalla. At Bhopal I was digonsised for cyanide poisoning and treated accordingly.I lost 10 kg in three months and lost lung power by at least 40% and it took almost a decade to return to normal thanks to excellent health at the time of gas tragedy.
    After approaching Managing Director of the Bank and Finance Minister Prime Minister and then President I 1991 I filed a writ petition at Bombay High Court in 1991 and at admission stage Bank`s council opposed the same pleading that the gas tragedy took place at night when I was staying at hotel room and not on duty. But then Justice Mrs. Sujata Manohar angirily shot him down asserting that it was for Bank`s work that I was staying at hotel and admitted the petition. This shameless attitude was adopted by Union Bank of India as per behest of Ms.Daruwalla.This was widely reported in all national news papers but still then Congress Government headed by Narsmha Rao with present Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister not woken up from their slumber and take notice that how a Govt. of India undertaking is fighting against a gas victim. Inion Bank did receive query from President,PMO, and Finance Ministry regarding my case But Union Bank Of India under the influence of this great lady Ms.Homai Daruwalla even misguded them by asserting that I had gone to Bhopal for my personal work and not for audit. This was balatant lie for which this `great` lady was famous.The cas dragged on for 12 years and at the time of final hearing before a division bench at Bombay the management pressurized me to arrive at settlement and to withdraw case and they agreed to release my salary of leave period which was only about Rs.1.00 lac in total based on salary scale prevailing in 1984.They also asserted that in case of decision in my favour they will approach Supreme Court where I stand no chance against battery of prominent lawyers they are going to hire to fight out the appeal on their behalf.
    Ultimately my lawyers and friends Mr.R.A.Shaikh and Mr.Raju Moray settled for settlement at

  12. Dubash says:

    Would Ghosh have ever become a whistleblower if his request for transfer to New Delhi had been accepted?
    Do not glorify this person. viz Ghosh. That is not to say that complaints against Daruwala should not be probed.If she has done wrong let her face the music.
    Any other Officer of the Bank not carrying out a Transfer Order would be chaged for insubordination. Then what example a Officer in the rank of General Manager i.e. Ghosh set for those junior in rank by flouting transfer Order to Pune? As somebody has rightly said, Ghosh did not ever work on Operations of Banking. The management of the Bank was never questioned about out of turn promotions to Ghosh simply because the Majority recognised Union of the Bank (Federation)affiliated to AIBEA was headed by a fellow Bangali Babu. Less said about Ghosh, the better.

  13. Persons having a complete lack of vision and belongingness has been one of the foremost reasons of decline of Central Bank of India, which was number one Bank of the country for almost three decades.

    And what today, it is lesser said the better.

    Visit any branch of the Bank-big or small- and see number of customers at any given time. Besides, if one wants to see the poorest of the poor infrastructure; Central Bank’s branches are ideal examples.

    The overall lack of professional approach & frustration at all levels in the Bank must be looked into for a better future of this great financial institution. We should always be optimistic !

  14. Chabria says:

    Ranjana Kumar is another corrupt lady known for misuse of office and accepting favours when in power.
    She seems to have repeated that also for daruwalla.
    Keep accumulating and trnsfering funds out of India.

  15. I am at it again !

    The recent ‘Whisteblower” issue of Abhijit Ghosh ans H.A. Daruwalla -former GM and CMD respectively needs a thorogh probe. To me the greatest damage has been done by Ms Daruwalla- knowingly and unknowingly- is the total lack of belongingness at all levels- towards this, at one time, one of the top ranking Banks in the country.

    In continuation to the spirit of Daruwalla, the present management has donated crores of rupees (about one hundred crores) to CWG-2010. It would have been much better, if half of such amount must have been utilised in the upkeep of shabbiest looking branches of the Bank.

    I pray to the Almighty, let good sense prevail.
    Thereby the noble suol of Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala, the founder of this Great financial institution must remain in peace.


  16. Sohil says:

    Rs 48.5 Lakh was the bill for Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi for muzzling whistleblower. That same Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi is the chairman of the group drafting whistleblower laws ! What a coincidence. http://www.sify.com/news/activists-imprint-on-whistle-blower-protection-act-news-national-lilwaxcihif.html

  17. Dara says:

    This is not to defend Daruwalla but to point out some inconsistency.

    at While the headline says “CENTRAL BANK SPENDS 70 Crores to defend Managing director HA Daruwalla’ Scams”, the article says 70 lakhs.

    A related article, “Central Bank buy Peace against Daruwalla Scam Buster”(quotes The Times of India of July 18, 2010), and says the Bank “had paid lawyers a total of Rs 69.24 lakh, including Rs 48.5 lakh to Congress spokesman and top lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi, to keep him at bay.”

    That related article also concludes by saying “The only silver lining is that the ministry of finance on Aug 10, 2010, informed the CVC that some of the allegations against Daruwalla stand proved and the CVC may advise on the further course of action against the MD, who retired on December 31, 2008.”

    In all fairness this matter needs to give readers an update.

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