Thrissur Christian Ashram -Rape and Murder of Mentally Retarded Girl

Rape and Murder of Mentally Retarded Girl – Case against Christian brothel in Thrissur
26/06/2010 16:10:45  HK

2007 December 28 – A 16 year old Mentally Retarded girl was reportedly died from a Christian brothel (Ashram – In Secular language) in Chennaypara near Ollur in Thrissur district.

Reason for death according to Brothel authorities – Respiratory block while eating Halwa!

2010 February – Yes, after more than two years report from Forensic laboratory reveals that the death was not because of choking due to stuck Halwa as reported earlier, but because of something else. Report reveals that the girl was repeatedly tortured sexually and the death happened following multiple rapes.

2010 June – After Four months since report is submitted Police registered case against the centre- For Rape and murder of a mentally retarded girl.

Yes, the pastors in the brothel centre were celebrating their  Christmas on this orphaned mentally retarded girl and she passed away as a result of their continued celebration for 3 days.

Earlier this girl was enrolled into this brothel by our own Police for protection!

Questions which we never get answers

1)Why it took more than two years for this report to come out.
2)Even though the report came out in February it has been revealed to public only now.
3)Who gave Police the right to recruit sex slaves to these brothels operated by Christian missionaries in the name of Charity and Service?
4)Why media is not ready to identify such centres with Christianity but merely as Ashrams ?
5)Why this social evil of sexual slavery sponsored by Church goes unnoticed and unreported?
6)Where is Sukumar Azheecode who offers his opinion on each and every matter – haven’t he heard about this even though it happened in his own district
7) Where are the Human rights group who comes out only when a terrorist is arrested?
8)Where are the Women Rights group who were enthusiastic in breaking the Sabarimala tradition?
9)Why Malayala Manorama who have informers within the Police and reporters in each panchayath in Kerala not yet published a single news about this?
10)How long can Churchianity exploit and torture such innocent souls ?


2 Responses to Thrissur Christian Ashram -Rape and Murder of Mentally Retarded Girl

  1. unkniown says:

    I agree only ahrams are noticed nowadays . but what to do?

  2. Susmita Bhowmik says:

    I want to spend my life in your asharm by help these people

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