Chid Abduction- Christian Doctors, Homes, Hospitals, Mother Therasa’s group Involved

Sheela Hospital In coimbatore The best quality service gynaecology obstetrics general surgery pediatrics orthopaedics and cardiology oncology blood bank sterility clinic govt approved family planning centre sterility clinic etc”-claims an advt of the Hospital

Dr. Christy Ganapathy of above Hospital told the poor couples Mohammed Usman and Parveen Banu that there child would die in 5 days and got the children be left in Hospital and Dr.Christy Ganapathy along with Shaila Samuel of GUILD OF SERVICE- Chennai.

Similarly Shaila Samuel of GUILD OF SERVICE got children routed through

Missionaries of Charities -Salem

Cheshire Homes of India-Thiruvanmiyur

Was duped by NGO staffer: Official

CHENNAI: With the busting of the illegal child adoption racket, the Guild of Service (GoS), an NGO, has found itself in the news for all the wrong reasons, for social worker Shaila Samuel, working with it, used the children’s home inmates to give them up for adoption through unlawful means.

She used the agency’s name, stamp, other related documents, such as authorisation letters and the NGO’s registration certificate to carry out her work.

K N George, honorary secretary of the NGO, has given in writing to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) that Shaila had carried out all the activities without his knowledge.

The senior officer of the Social Welfare Department, who illegally adopted Sweety, claimed that it was Shaila who had cheated saying that all documents for adoption had been cleared, according to Manorama, chairperson of CWC, Chennai.

Four children who had gone missing from the GoS had been put up at children’s homes following referrals by the Sheela Hospital, where Parveen Banu had given birth to her child, Sweety. The NGO’s involvement in the racket was unearthed after the CWC found out that Sweety had been illegally put up for adoption after duping her parents. The four were routed through Salem Missionaries of Charities and Cheshire Homes of India at Thiruvanmiyur and later to the GoS.

In Sweety’s case, the hospital has given the wrong diagnosis to the parents in 2005 saying their baby suffered from an incurable ailment and would die soon after birth. The hospital had even obtained release forms from them, in which they stated they were willingly giving their child up for adoption.

However, five years later, Sweety is still healthy. In the other two cases, the hospital had failed to provide proper details such as the parents’ address to a probation officer of the CWC, Coimbatore, said Manomara.

Shaila had cheated two other women in another case gave their children for adoption without the committee’s knowledge, she said, adding, “We suspect Shaila has links with NGOs and the hospital in Coimbatore.” Manorama said the committee had referred the case to the city police.

Wed, 2010-06-23 11:33 – Niels

Queen-pin of adoption ring

Gokul Vannan
Express News Service
June 23,  2010

CHENNAI: A woman social worker of Chennai, working with a licensed adoption agency, has been found operating a child adoption racket through a reputed child adoption home, without anybody there the wiser, i.e., till now.

“Shaila Samuel, social worker, working with Guild of Service (GoS), used the agency’s name, stamp and other related documents such as authorization letter signed by K N George, Honorary Secretary of the GoS, and its registration certificate to carry out the unlawful adoptions,” said Dr P Manorama, chairperson of Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Chennai.

When members of CWC went to meet five children from Coimbatore and Salem in the GoS, entrusted with the temporary custody of the children, the members were shocked to find that the children were not at the home and that there was no mention of their names in the admission register or on any other document.

The children were earlier housed at Cheshire Home in Tiruvanmiyur and both, the Social Welfare Department and the CWC, had cleared their names for adoption, but with the caveat that the children would be given care and adoption would not be processed without its knowledge.

“Records showed that the children were not kept at the home. A child named ‘Thaneer’ was given away in adoption several months ago without legal clearance,” George has given in writing to the Child Welfare Committee.


7 Responses to Chid Abduction- Christian Doctors, Homes, Hospitals, Mother Therasa’s group Involved


  2. Jennifer says:


    Sisters of Charities,

    Doctor many involved.

    Other links prove Christian homes have been habitual offenders

  3. Stolen babies issue shows reluctance of cops to file cases

    Police Website Says Only 2 Kids Missing,But Over 11 Rescued

    K Praveen Kumar | TNN

    Chennai: The latest expose of a thriving child trafficking network in the state has thrown up a curious case of statistical mismatch which also reflects the indifference of the police in recording cases.According to the police,11 children most of them infants and one about three years old were stolen from Krishnagiri and Vellore districts.However,there were only two complaints of children below the age of two going m i s s i n g from the entire state re g i s t e re d with the police in the last two years.
    According to statistics available on the Tamil Nadu police website,one-year-old Irban from Coimbatore and one-year-old Bhavani from Chennai went missing in 2008.These two complaints continue to feature in the list of missing children in 2009 and 2010.
    We do not have any other complaint registered so far.We update the entries on a daily basis, said an official of the website management team told TOI.
    So why are cases of stolen children not registered The main reason is the refusal on the part of the police to do the paper work.Often they just accept the complaint from parents and assure them of action.With the limited resources available,they dont bother to record the complaint or investigate, a senior police official said.
    When the discrepancy was brought to his notice,K Radhakrishnan,additional director general of police,law and order,said the state police website was probably not updated.We managed to crack the child trafficking case in Krishnagiri because we registered missing complaints.We had two FIRs regarding children missing from Krishnagiri.Similarly we had FIRs registered in Tirupathur and
    Vellore which helped us round up the gang, he said Vidya Reddy of Tulir,Centre for the Preve n t i o n and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse (CPHCSA),saidthat it is not just the registration of complaints but also lack of co-ordination at district levels that creates problems in identifying missing and traced children.
    We should have a central registry of missing children so that information can be shared between states.The children missing from Tamil Nadu could be located anywhere in India and currently such information is not being shared effectively, she said.
    Though there are several directives from the director general of police,Tamil Nadu,to expedite matters concerning complaints regarding missing children,not much is done at the field level.
    All the police stations in the state are supposed to have a missing persons desk and dedicated officials in charge of it.Radhakrishnan said sometimes parents sell or give away their children without reporting it to anyone.

  4. karuppaiah says:

    //Shaila Samuel, social worker, working with Guild of Service (GoS), used the agency’s name, stamp and other related documents such as authorization letter signed by K N George, Honorary Secretary of the GoS, and its registration certificate to carry out the unlawful adoptions,//

    It is a Shame to say so – they must all quit.

  5. buddy says:

    Hi all,

    I have been reading this article and its real pain for such a public in trust for public operating under social guidance called as saviors referred as doctors. We would like to know if the child named sweety herein get her home and should be published as an article to open eyes of several blind folded people as a step taken for social guidance.

  6. buddy says:

    Can anyone suggest in above query.

  7. helpinghand says:


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