Government officer illegally ‘adopts’ child

Gokul Vannan
Express News ServiceFirst Published : 22 Jun 2010 05:03:04 AM ISTLast Updated : 22 Jun 2010 08:29:25 AM IST
CHENNAI: Yet another illegal child adoption case has come to light. But this time, an officer of the Social Welfare Department is known to have worked in connivance with a citybased NGO.
Mohammed Usman (33) and his wife B Parveen Banu (25) of Coimbatore were shocked to learn that their baby, Sweety, was illegally adopted by an officer of the Social Welfare Department.
Usman told Express that the officer was rude with them and refused to even allow them to touch their child. Full report
It’s easy to buy babies at TN’s govt hospitals
TNN, Jun 22, 2010, 05.46am IST
About 18 months ago, doctors told Maruthayi, 39, (name changed) that she would not be able to deliver a baby. Today, she dotes on an 11-month-old boy, buying him clothes and toys and taking him to the doctor for his shots. She can’t imagine a life without him.

Maruthayi told The Times of India that she “purchased” the baby from a Kilpauk Medical College (KMC) hospital administrator but refused to divulge the amount she had paid. “I paid him in thousands. The biological mother would have got most of it,” she said.

Eight months ago, a TOI team went undercover and met the administrator who said he could find a baby for a “potential buyer”. In April, he was caught on camera saying he had found a woman who was due for delivery at the hospital in two months: “I know your number. I will call you after she has the delivery… negotiations will begin after that.” On Monday, in a telephonic conversation, he promised to close the deal by next week. The conversation has been recorded.

CHENNAI: Even as the Tamil Nadu police are currently working to unravel a child trafficking network spread across the state, it continues to be possible to buy a baby in Chennai. In fact, it would not be difficult to just walk in and steal one. And it’s not just at KMC that the task is so easy, government hospitals across the state have become the source for baby traffickers.

Ironically, almost every senior official, including Additional Director General of Police Archana Ramasundram and health secretary VK Subburaj, agree. Only two days ago, a woman lost her new-born at the Rajaji Medical College Hospital in Madurai. “Police traced the child and restored it to the parents,” says Subburaj.

Nearly 70% of all deliveries in the state take place at government hospitals, and most babies that are trafficked are from these hospitals. The cost of a baby ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh. “Entry to government hospitals is not restricted, so security is a cause for concern. Government hospitals have no strict visiting hours. The campuses are huge. We need to evolve strategies to beef up security,” says ADGP Archana Ramasundram.

The hospitals also face the problem of corrupt grade-IV staff. “The staff demand money for every service, including getting x-rays and cleaning the woman in labour. They hit my daughter on her thighs while she was in labour. We were forced to give them money,” says Muthulakshmi, whose daughter was admitted to the Woman and Children Hospital in Chennai.

In almost every government hospital, staff are aware of brokers who actively participate in child trafficking. While some babies are abandoned or sold by poor parents, others are stolen.

Wife of kingpin among four held

Express News Service First Published : 21 Jun 2010 04:39:09 AM ISTLast Updated : 21 Jun 2010 09:16:09 AM IST
CHENNAI: The police arrested Nancy (28) of Pallavaram, Asha (33), her sister Kavitha (33) and Andal (47) of Ayanavaram and rescued a one-year-old baby belonging to a couple from Kancheepuram and an eight-month-old girl, from the gang, here on Sunday.
Asha’s husband Jayaprasath, the gang-leader, was arrested by Krishnagiri police for his involvement in another child kidnapping case on Saturday.
The Madhavaram police, which had been investigating the abduction of a four-day-old baby from a private hospital on June 5, recently nabbed Nancy with an eight-month-old baby girl at Moolakadai bus stand. Jayaprasath had kidnapped the baby from Puducherry and had asked Nancy to keep the baby with her. “Jayaprasath seems to have close links with Lalitha of Puducherry and Girija of Perambur, who were arrested by the Krishnagiri police in connection with a childkidnapping and illegal adoption case,” said a senior police officer.
The police suspect Jayaprasath of having links with many conwomen and it was him and his wife, Asha, who had introduced Nancy, whom they befriended at a TASMAC shop, following the death of her husband, into the gang.
Nancy had admitted that Jayaprasath and his wife Asha, were behind the kidnapping racket, upon interrogation by police, who believe that the gang had been involved in child-kidnapping for the past one year.
The police had earlier rescued a baby boy from a couple, Arulmozhi and Kalaiselvan at Kancheepuram, who claimed that they were unaware of the whereabouts of the actual parents of the baby and had named the illegally adopted baby, Kannadasan.
All the rescued were sent to a government home at Poonga Nagar here and the police are questioning Jayaprasath to ascertain the number of children kidnapped by them and the whereabouts of their parents.


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