Pastor booked for rape of minor at orphanage

TNN, Apr 15, 2006, 01.22am IST

MUMBAI: The Nalasopara police have booked a pastor for the alleged rape of a 10-year-old girl living in an orphange run by him.

According to the complaint’ the victim was raped and hit with belts. The girl initially complained to her elder sister’ who lived in the same orphanage’ and then to a teacher’ Kavita Bansode.

Bansode then accompanied the victim to the police station to file an FIR on Friday. The victim was admitted to a government hospital at Borivli and medical tests were conducted.

The police said other girls at the orphanage had also complained of torture and harassment’ but there was only one complaint of rape. Mother Anandibai Nadar’ who looked after the girls’ has been arrested. Pastor John Alexander (37)’ who belongs to the Pentecostal sect’ is wanted in the case. A police team will be sent to Tamil Nadu to arrest him.

Alexander’ who is from Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu’ told TOI over the phone that the charges were “false”. Alexander accused a man’ who lived near the institution’ of “brainwashing the girls” into making the allegations.

The orphanage’ Wings of Refuge’ is being run since 1999 and houses 60 children below 18 years.

The victim’s complaint said she was physically harassed for more than a year. A few weeks ago’ Alexander called her to his room where he allegedly raped her. When she complained to Nadar’ she was reprimanded and thrashed for making up false stories’ it said.

Bansode said: “I had become quite close to the girls. Last week’ I noticed that they were quiet and a few were even weeping. They begged me to take them out of the orphanage.” After speaking with the victim’ Bansode took the girl to the police station on Monday.

The girl’s guardian and only relative’ an ailing grandmother Bahinabai Kamble (70)’ was summoned from Govandi. Kamble refused to press charges’ following which Bansode approached Shiv Sena corporator Chhaya Patil who took up the matter. TNN//



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    GREAT JOB .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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