Church in Kerala is rocked by sex scandals

George Iype in Kochi-

** In 1995, Father Cyriac Karthikapally, a parish priest of Kurumbanadam church in the Changanacherry archdiocese, lured a 15-year old school-going girl to his bedroom. For the next two years, the priest entered into a sexual relationship with the minor girl that she gave birth to a female child on September 15, 1998.

The Changacherry police on Tuesday registered a case against Father Karthikapally for raping, abducting and compelling the victim for abortion. The police has submitted before the local judicial court a first information report against the priest under sections 315, 316 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code that deal with provisions on rape and abduction.

** In 1993, the dead body of 21-year old Sister Abhaya was flushed out from the well of St Pious X Convent, Kottayam. Six years of police investigations reached nowhere and in July this year the Central Bureau of Investigation closed the sensitive case as it failed to fix the liability of the young nun’s murder. Church critics circulate two theories for Sr Abhaya’s death. One, she was murdered when she refused the sexual advances of a priest or a bishop. Second, she was killed because she knew that some of her colleague nuns had sexual relationships with two Catholic priests — Fr Jose Putrukayal and Fr Thomas Kattoor.

While the Sister Abhaya case is closed forever, a popular Malayalam movie was released three weeks back on the incident. Titled Crime Fileand starring superstar Suresh Gopi, the film depicts the Church in bad light by portraying what many say “the real story” behind Sister Abhaya’s murder.

** In 1998, Sr Jyothis of Sacred Heart Convent at Mukkom in Kozhikode district was found murdered in the convent’s well. Investigations so far have made no headway, but the police suspect that sexual motive could have been the cause behind the murder.

Recently, Sister Jyothis’s father, K M Jose filed a case in the Kerala high court pleading for a CBI investigation into his daughter’s murder in the convent.

** Last month, a gang of students belonging to the Student Federation of India attacked Father Geo Pulickal, principal of the Catholic-run Nirmalagiri College at Koothuparamba in north Kerala. SFI students allege that the principal is a sodomite and subjected a college student to sodomy and two priests were involved in a ragging case in the college hostel. Posters depicting the priests and nuns in bad light appeared on the college campus.

The tug of war between the SFI activists and the Catholic church over the attack on Father Pulickal reached a flashpoint when Nirmalagiri College was closed last month and later re-opened after mediations between the Church officials and the ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist.

Is the vow of celibacy that priests and nuns adopt to serve the Catholic church in Kerala becoming suspect? Why are increasing numbers of sex scandals involving the clergy coming up in the state?

Church leaders, especially those belonging to the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala are upset as social groups are mounting protests for trying to protect priests like Father Karthikapally from the clutches of civil law.

But Catholic activists who have launched a movement against the church claim that cases of priests caught in sex crimes are increasing in the state. “It seems priests in Kerala are losing their faith and virginity. We know the names of many priests who deliberately fail to keep their sacred pledge of a celibate lifestyle,” says Sebastian Vattamattam, secretary of Kottayam-based Vikas Institute that has raked up the sex scandal involving Father Cyriac Karthikapally.

“Priests are sinning against their church and the community. But their crimes have thrown up legal, ethical and moral issues for debate within the church and the catholic community,” he said.

Vattamattom, a college professor in the Changanacherry archdiocese-run Saint Berchman’s College, is one of the many active Catholics who have launched a movement against what they call “erring and immoral priests and nuns.”

Critics like him cite many reasons why priests and nuns are stepping out of their pastoral and missionary duties to the forbidden paths. “All the modern priests are very educated and rich. They are exposed to the world and lured by the luxuries of the modern world. They are spiritually corrupt and indulge in all sorts of immoral activities,” accuses Vattamattam.

Kurian Verghese, a Catholic activist in Kochi, who himself left priestly studies mid-way and became an engineer later, says the fault lies with the seminaries. “Seminaries where students are trained and moulded to become priests are old-fashioned. They are taught philosophy and theology of the old order without any freedom of thought or action,” he points out.

“I left the seminary after five years because I felt suffocated. So I think once they are out of seminaries, the present generation of young priests are attracted by the outside world which they have never seen or experienced,” Verghese says.

“I know many priests who drink and womanise regularly. But they still remain within the dioceses and pastoral ministry and serve the local people. Our social set-up is such that a priest giving up the cassock for marriage is a butt of ridicule,” he said.

Therefore, he says, the best thing that the church should aim for is to encourage those “immoral priests” to get out of the church services and help them get married.

But Church officials point out that some of the sex scandals rocking the Catholic community in Kerala are “stray instances” and have been blown out of proportion by “some misguided catholic activists.”

According to Bishop Thomas Chakiath of Ernakulam archdiocese, it is sad that “some vested interests have launched a smear campaign against the church basing their arguments on some stray incidents.”

“Of course, there have been incidents in which priests were accused of disobeying the sacred order of celibacy. But it is improper to accuse that the church is plagued by sex scandals,” he said.

Bishop Chakiath said often priests who indulge in immoral activities leave their pastoral job and embrace matrimony. “But these all are very rare instances and they do not mean that the church has lost its mission, unity and integrity,” he asserted.

However, according to Professor M J George, a member of the action council that is now pursuing the Father Karthikapally case the gravest mistake within the church is that “it itself is the protector of criminal clergy.”

George said when the Father Karthikapally sex scandal rocked the Changanacherry archdiocese, what the Archbishop did was to get him tried in the diocese’s own tribunal, which “punished” him by removing him from the pastoral ministry and offering remuneration to the girl.

“The accused priest is still with the diocese. His residence is provided by the diocese and he is protected by the church while his daughter is growing up in an orphanage,” George said.

Catholic activists claim in many dioceses across Kerala, many “clerical gangsters” have come up. “Our information is that Father Karthikapally used to take the minor girl to his priest friends in other parishes. They had actually formed a sex racket involving many girls,” says Vattamattam.

But Changanacherry Archdiocese Chancellor Father Gregory Naduviledam refutes the charges levelled by the church pressure groups. “They are misguided activists who are acting with some vested interests against the church,” he said.

As for Father Karthikapally sex case, he said, the diocesan tribunal decided to try the priest after the victim’s parents approached Archbishop Joseph Powathil for a settlement on the case from the church side.

“In the tribunal the priest confessed to his crime. We found him guilty and punished him by relieving him of all pastoral duties. He is now living in a remote village without serving any parish or other diocesan institutes,” Father Naduviledam said.

As to the accusation that the diocese did not take the case to the police, he said “it was not the duty of the church.” “It was the duty of the offended party to approach the police. But the girl’s parents instead wanted that the priest should be tried by the church tribunal only,” Father Naduviledam added.

According to Father Paul Thelakkat, editor of Sathyadeepam, a popular Catholic weekly, “It is an unfair argument that the church has lost its image because one among thousands of its priests is involved in a sex scandal.”

“In every religious society and community in the world, there are erring members. The Catholic church considers the rare instances of sex scandals in Kerala as insignificant,” he asserted.

One of the first sex scandals that rocked the Kerala church was in the 1970s, that too in the Changanacherry diocese. A diocesan priest, Father Benedict entered into a sexual relationship with Mariakutty, a regular church-goer. But when their relationship began doing the rounds, Father Benedict allegedly killed Mariakutty.

Father Benedict was arrested and fought the case in many courts for years, but was later set free for want of sufficient evidence of murder.

Old timers recall when Father Benedict was acquitted and released, he was given a warm reception by the Changanacherry archdiocese.

“I think this is the fault with the church. It does not punish those priests who break their celibacy and seek immoral means of life. But the church is always eager to protect the clergy who are found guilty,” says Joseph Punnen, a devout catholic who had launched a movement against Father Benedict in 1970s.

Kerala: 63 Christian priests in face criminal charges

October 3, 2009

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): Forget the sheep, the Church has a tough task ahead in reclaiming its lost shepherds. If the data released by the Kerala Police is any indication, the weeds have spread among the wheat.

As many as 63 Christian priests in the state face criminal charges pending against them, reveals documents yielded as per the Right to Information Act.

Murder, attempt to murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft, break-in, cheating…almost every offence under the Indian Penal Code –and of course, the Ten Commandments — has been committed by the deviant priests. Worse, the biblical whitewashed tombs are still at the helm of affairs in parishes.

Going by the crime records of the past seven years, two priests have been accused of murder while ten are charged with attempt to murder. Yet another is booked for aiding in a murder. Joseph Antony and Maria Lal Manjali are accused of homicide.

Babu Chirakkavur, Mathew Jacob, ET Johnson, KP Mathai, Joy T Varghese, Jiju Varghese, Reji are accused of attempt to murder in cases registered in different police stations. Giving them company is Paul Payyappilly, parish priest of Pavaratti St Joseph’s Church, held under Explosives Act.

Priests also excel in crimes of passion. Five of them are rape accused. Jose Thadathil and TJ Joy, a CSI parish priest, are just two. Jose works in the Divine Retreat Centre, a pilgrim centre near Thrissur facing criminal inquiry ordered by the Kerala High Court. Sisters Viola and Nirmala are also involved in the case.

Father Joseph in Kollam is caught in an immoral traffic case. Ernakulam Infant Jesus Church vicar Thomas is an accused in a molestation case while Father Paul Vilangumpara is accused of molestation and abduction.

Yet another priest in coastal Thiruvananthapuram is accused of rape. Most of the priests have incurred cheating charges against them as part of their managerial functions.

Thomas Pothanamuzhi, Fr Thomas Kizhakkedath and Fr Ouseph — the principal, manager and former principal of St Aloysius College, Edathuva — have been accused of breach of trust.

A similar case has been charged in 2005 againstAndrews Thekkekkandam, a vicar in Thamarasseri, the nerve centre of the Catholic Church’s present tirade against the Left government.

As many as five priests are accused of theft and break-in, taking the total number of the seeds on rocky ground to 63. This list excludes the suspects in the sensational murder of a nun in Kottayam in 1992.

Earlier, the CBI had taken two priests and two nuns to undergo truth serum tests in connection with the death of Sister Abhaya, who was found dead in a well on the premises of Pius X Convent, Kottayam.


11 Responses to Church in Kerala is rocked by sex scandals

  1. devapriyaji says:

    The torture was so brutal that there were blood stains on the wall of Anu’s room ….

    The news that dominated the headlines and TV spots for the past few days was predictably the Swamy Nithyananda happy ending case. Since it involved a religion which is every secular person’s mission to fix and a movie actress, the case had great tabloid appeal. Prima facie it does not appear any laws were broken. Plenty can be said about the moral aspect of the case but should the secular state get involved? There is an obvious catch-22 in such private sting operations, especially when it involves gross violation of privacy, you can not just barge into someone’s bedroom. Yet, the courts admitted a case of “rape and intimidation” against the Swamy. This is a very clever ruse, something tells us the dude called K. Lenin did not think it up all by himself. Maybe it had something to do with land disputes between the Swamy’s organization and a powerful regional satrap, who knows?

    The point is, we expected our liberals to take a contrarian stand with their fiercely individualistic fearless selves. Alas, as “liberal” journalist after “liberal” journalist wrote about and one rating hungry secular TV anchor to the next discussed the salacious aspects of the case, no one gave the poor Swamy a break. Forget the Swamy for a moment, what about the poor woman’s privacy? The sting video kept on running until it was dislodged off the prime slot by the Queen’s triumphant appearance post passage of the Women’s reservation bill in the Rajya Sabha. What good is empowerment if ladies can’t have a bit of private fun on the side?

    In any case, titillating as the case might have been, no small animals or little children were hurt in the process.

    Unfortunately, the same can not be said about another case that flew past in the minor headlines. No one took any notice:
    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A Kerala Christian priest has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a minor girl inmate of a hostel run by Orthodox Church at Pothukal in Malappuram district in September last year. The victim is a student of Catholicate Higher Secondary School run by the church.
    This is a very serious, big ticket crime, the holy grail of any public prosecutor, and yet:
    Father K G Joseph alias Father Habib Joseph was arrested and produced in a local court on Thursday. He, however, was granted bail. Joseph later denied charges. Crime Branch sources said the priest was charged under Section 354 IPC (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), a bailable offence.
    It is astonishing that a monster who abuses a 14-year old kid gets booked under IPC 354 as opposed to IPC 375. Given the situation, letting the dude out on bail basically means letting him walk free.

    Wait, there is more:
    Police are also probing the “unnatural” death of the girl’s elder sister, who “succumbed” to suspected food poisoning at hostel in October last year. A few days after her death, the 14-year-old class IX student had alleged that she and her elder sister Anu were made to wash feet and massage Joseph and another priest who was a regular visitor to the hostel and that it often ended up with them being sexually harassed.
    If you are still shaking your head in disbelief, you are not alone. Yet the priest was booked under a bailable offense. This is what we call outstanding success of sensitivity training of public prosecutors in a secular country.

    Further along, we find that the abuse was almost institutionalized and happened with full knowledge of other personnel of the institution:
    Though they took up the matter with a nun, she instead of helping, threatened them with dire consequences, the girl had alleged. The two sisters belonging to a poor family of Kelakam in Kannur district thought it better to resign to their fate as otherwise they would have had to discontinue studies. Sixteen-year-old Anu, a class XI student, died on October 24, 2009. Soon after her death her younger sister had told reporters in the presence of her father that Anju was taken out in a car by the second priest on October 21 and they returned late in the night. Anu looked very tired and was crying and didn’t eat anything the next day. This infuriated the nun who beat her up, she had alleged.
    The systematic, pervasive and almost institutionalized abuse in such institutes happens right under the noses of our “liberal” people, the type whose every other spoken word is “justice”. Just a few months ago, the Sister Abhaya case was finally wrapped up after years of legal intrigue. Another sister came out with a tell all book and received little attention. Every now and then one reads these horror stories and shivers, most of them involve a clique of religious leaders, politicians and powerful people. Little girls suffer silently, occasionally the walls carry the stains of their muffled cries …..

  2. devapriyaji says:

    Catholic church prepares to prevent scandals

    Sanu GeorgeFirst Published : 27 Apr 2010 10:18:50 AM IST
    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Catholic leaders in India are drawing up procedures to prevent scandals and tackle them if they happen, though the country has been spared the child abuse controversies rocking the church in Western countries, Christian leaders say.
    “The church is strictly a moralistic organisation, but the sad fact is that aberrations do happen. And this has happened from ancient times when even Popes have faced scandals. The church has to confess and, to start with, it has to show a little more of holiness,” said Paul Thelekkat, senior Catholic priest and spokesperson of the Syro Malabar Catholic Church.
    This is just not an issue of the church in the West. It is a lesson for every member of the church here right from bishops to the laity, Thelekkat told IANS.
    He said the Catholics Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) is working out a procedure for handling scandals.
    “I am told that this new standardised procedure would be ready soon. Guidelines will cover complex matters like dealing with psychological, civil and legal
    issues,” said Thelekkat.
    Christians in Kerala account for around 23 per cent of the 32 million population. The Catholic community accounts for more than 50 percent of the Christians
    in the state, followed by the Syrian Orthodox church. There are at least half a dozen other churches.
    The Catholic church in the state is passing through difficult times, though there has been no child abuse scandal.
    It has seen two priests and a nun being arrested for murdering Sister Abhaya, a bishop losing his job, a nun committing suicide, and another one landing up in a mental hospital. Last but not the least, there was a student studying for priesthood who ended his life after being unable to stand alleged atrocities by senior students.
    “See, as and when there is a human error committed by those who have to practise high moral values, the church steps in and strict action is taken. Just because someone has done a wrong, he cannot be condemned; instead we send such people for reformation and renewal courses and a huge majority of them realise their wrongs and correct themselves,” said Thelekkat.
    There are church leaders who believe some fundamental issues need to be addressed by the Catholic church.
    T.J. Joshua, a senior priest of the Syrian Orthodox Church , who for long headed the seminary of the church at Kottayam, says the problem of the Catholic church is the practice of compulsory celibacy.
    “I would say trying to club celibacy and priesthood is their biggest failure. Look at my church, here the rules are clear – those who are not interested to become
    a bishop can go on to have a family of their own,” Joshua said.
    “Sex is a reality. I am not saying that scandals are not there in my church. Yes, it is there and the need of the hour is to see that we learn from the mistakes of
    others,” he said.
    Joshua said, “What is happening in the Catholic church in the West should be a lesson for all others and (all) should learn from that.”
    Known Catholic rebel Joseph Pullikunnel, who has been having a long running feud with the Catholic church in the state, said there are 24 Churches in the world and it is only the Western Catholic Church where celibacy is a must for its priests and nuns and hence the problem.
    The issue in the Catholic church in Kerala is slightly different, he said.
    “Look, in Kerala they are the most powerful social organisation with several institutions run by them. More than half the problem would be solved if these institutions are freed from the clutches of priests,” Pullikunnel asserted.
    “And another thing is that unlike in the West, homosexuality is very rare and it is the relationships between priests and nuns that is a problem here,” he claimed.

  3. Nice site, very informative. I like to read this.,it is very helpful in my part for my criminal law studies.

  4. tanya says:

    agree….it helped to know more details

  5. Ronald says:

    Have good faith in Christianity, have been raised as a catholic for the past 27 yrs, i know goodfaith and Godfaith christians, this history shakes my faith with the Church fathers,,,, but Great Catholic fathers like St Francis Assisi,St Anthony and St Agustine to be marked in the history,,,,
    God judges every one,,, And this problem is very wide in kerala,,,,

  6. n.krishna says:

    Nuns and priests should not teach

    Hindu or Islamic clergies are not teaching in schools or colleges and they limit their work inside their respective religious schools. But the Christian priests and nuns are all involved in teaching in our so called state funded secular schools and collages. No one ever thought of objecting to their involvement in the secular educational institutions till now. But the public is gradually becoming aware of a sinister aspect of the involvement of Christian clergy. It is the slow poisoning of the children of other religions with their Christian theology and denigration of other religions. The respect everyone had given to the christian clergy had disappeared with the cases of paedophile incidents in India and many reported cases like the one in Kerala in which a minor girl was supplied to the priests for prostitution, at their residences.
    A christian missionary school in Bangalore the Hindu children are taught in the KG that Christ is the only God, and they are taught to draw cross and made to pray in front of it. The children started refusing to pray to Hindu Gods at their homes and will pray only to Christ. The distraught and worried Hindu parents who are not in the habit of daily prayer, had to light a lamp, train the child to pray to Hindu Gods. In Hyderabad in the Rosary Convent School Hindu students have to sing the christian song ‘My father who is in heaven….’, and had to stand-up in the class when the church bell goes up at 12 AM everyday. The story is repeated in various shades, throughout India in every school and college that are run by Christians.
    The Christians are a very vicious anti Hindu community. They want to convert every Hindu in India and thereby destroy our religion and culture. Even in war torn Afghanistan, the missionaries have arrived in the form of volunteers to convert the muslims. In India where the Christians are having a free run and sending Christian families from Kerala to all corners of India for conversion. Hindus should declare Christians as enemy of Hindus and name Christians as the spiritual terrorists as well along with their NE terrorism that kill more Hindus than by the Muslim terrrosim. The christians throughout the world have an annual budget of Rs 7,500,000,000,000 with 4,000,000 full time slave workers who are priests and nuns, and 22,000 periodicals for brainwashing the non Christians. While in India there are some 1, 00,000 priests, in the small muslim nation United Arab Emirates have some 400 priests in various outfits who are mostly from Kerala. The mammoth Indian setup has to show results to get the annual funding, and the result is the total conversion of tribals in the North-eastern states of India. Church was finding it difficult to convert Hindus in Kerala, because of the strong Hindu organisations like NSS, SNDP etc, so they have adopted the policy of jobs for converts in North Kerala. This is being done even in Andhra where the jobs are offered by multi national firms only to Christians and to Hindus if they declare their religion as Christian. Even to get admission for B.Ed in Andhra, children had to convert. To get funds, politicians like Chandrababu Naidu have to attend conversion functions. Balayogi, whose wife was a Christian, went for one such conversion function, and while retuning his helicopter crashed and he died. Every newspaper reported that around Rs. 2 crore was found with him. There was a strong rumor in the political circles that Christian Y Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy was supposed to carry Rs 4000 crore for the Christian Naxalites of AP, for their help in the parliamentary election, but Naxals came to know that he was not carrying the money in the helicopter and thus shot down the helicopter.
    Not only Christians attack Hindu religion, they attack our business and profession. Employing a Christian in a Hindu business venture is a risky thing. Christians are known to divert the customers to other Christian establishments in India or in the Gulf nations. Another problem of employing a Christian nurse in a Hindu hospital is that these nurses start working for converting the Hindu staff from day one. This they do on the order of the church and these nuns are given about a lakh Rupees for every convert they bring in. The world has a problem with free money available with the Church and Madarsas, and the huge army of missionaries and religious personnel. Muslims have developed terrorism with it while christians are in to Naxal and Maoist terrorism and NE terrorism and also have perfected spiritual terrorism in the form of misinformation on other communities and mass conversion of gullible poor backward communities by fraudulent methods. They have found that enough funding can be generated by them using Indian laws. The method adopted for money generation is minority educational institutions of India, where Hindus have to pay to study. In Kollam district of Kerala, the TKM Engineering College muslim owner Thangal’s 28 kids never had to pay fees, whereas every Hindus had to pay fees in that muslim professional college. Similar concessions are there for Christians who are converts from fishermen folks and other untouchables. Yet Christian converts have made up the story that they are Brahmin converts to cover their inferiority complex. They had even invented a story that St. Thomas came to Kerala to convert them which the present Nazi Pope denied and said that Thomas never came to India. Even the BBC has confirmed that Thomas never came to India.
    Do we have to suffer this attack after more than 63 years of independence? Never in my life was I more offended than when two ladies landed in my house in one of my India visit, on a Sunday morning with Christian literature, and asking us to join Christianity. This has never happened in any other city where I lived. This hurry to convert follows a call by Pope who earmarked this new millennium as “The Evangelisation of Asia”. In the West there are less and less people going to churches and very few youths willing to become priest or nun. Paedophilia scandals and criminality of priests are racking the Church the christian organisations, now and the West is now looking for new converts in India and their efforts have increased to a feverish pitch.

    We are not in a medieval era to allow these Christians to attack Hinduism and our way of life like these. World had travelled a long way from the era or miracles and frauds. Scientists have created living virus out of inanimate elements and in a few decades we will be creating through genetic technology and nano-science whole species. The age of creation is over. Yet in India Christians are carrying out fraudulent conversions in poor coastal Kerala is by using “miracle boxes” that are put in local churches. The villagers were prompted to write out a paper mentioning his wish which is like a fishing boat, a loan for a house, fee for child’s schooling… And lo, a few weeks later, the miracle happens! And, of course, the whole family converts. Then ‘prayer miracles’ are performed on tribals. Mother Teresa is being given sainthood on another fraudulent prayer miracle by the Pope. The fact is that the ovarian tumour of the North Bengal woman Monica Besra was cured medically as per the State run Balurghat hospital Superintendent Dr. Manju Murshed, when the patient was treated in 1998 by Dr. Tarun Kumar Biswas and Dr Ranjan Mustafi and also treated her for TB at the medical college hospital. Yet Monica Besra’s cure was claimed to be the result of prayer miracle by mother Teresa, is nothing short of fraud and this fraud is recognised as truth by the Vatican for giving sainthood by Pope John Paul. Another fake “miracle” prayer meeting was the “Gangtok Prayer Festival 2002”, organised in Gangtok by Dr Paul Dinakaran who runs Jesus Calls from Chennai. Dr. Paul is famous for leading these “miracle” meetings all over India funded by three US-based Christian fundamentalist organisations called The first is Bible for the world; Common Global Ministries Board; and United Church Board for World Ministries. While these three foreign missionaries could be The Tamil Nadu government’s new ordinance banning religious conversions either “by force, allurements or fraudulent means”. In AP the anti Hindu Chandra Babu Naidu attends the conversion meeting and give all help for their conversion efforts. Various forms of frauds are adopted to convert ignorant tribals in India. One of the favourite methods is to throw a clay idol of Ganapthi and a wooden cross on the water. The clay idol will dissolve in water and the wooden cross will float. The Christian clergy will claim superiority for the cross and ask the tribals to join their religion. It is a shame on the nation that such criminal activities are being done by Christians in India. Mahatma Gandhi in his objection to conversions of the poor people, challenged the missionaries to convert him first.

    In many Western countries there is no freedom to convert, that these christians take for granted in India? Western governments and missionaries are trying to convince Indians through the christian controlled media that democracy includes the freedom to convert by any means. But France, a Christian nation has a Minister who is in charge of hunting down sects and religions. France does not allow any temple construction there. he Christian priests and nuns, who take classes, teach the kids that Jesus is the only god and brainwash the kids. The students are influenced toward Christianity by this priest/nun cum teachers and are part of their strategy for the whole scale conversion of Hindus. In addition to schools and colleges, they target orphanages, adoption centres etc, where they can harvest more souls. Do these Christian priests and nuns have the right to disrupt our society, culture, religion? If we have to maintain communal harmony this spiritual terrorism by Christians should be stopped. They should call it a day and stop their heinous conversion activity in India. There is nothing more heinous than poisoning the minds of young kids through the christian schools and colleges run by the christian clergy. The need of the hour is the real ban on excessive religious activity in India. What is required is a total ban on all religious persons working in our secular education system. It is time to segregate religious persons from our secular education system. Christian missionaries are like piranhas in a pond feeding on other species. The Government of India if they claim to be secular should immediately ban the involvement of Christian clergy in the teaching in schools and colleges. . If the Church is running schools and colleges, let them put secular non religious teachers to teach the children and the large number of clergies can concentrate in teaching of religious books in their seminaries.

    • Rajashekar says:

      This article is totally absurd… I am a Hindu business man , In my firm lots of christian are employed and till now I had not faced any such issues like you said. We had a good harmony among the priests and nuns in our place. I personally feel that they are really good people. Also my Kids are studying in a Convent School there are no such incidents reported not only that my kids and there friends are very much intersted in helping others, they got this training from the nuns who teaches them..

      So I am sure what you think are just baseless… there may be some issues but this cant be considered as the situation of all christians…

  7. Robin says:

    err is human..dont exagerate it

    • To Err is human.

      To accept and change is equally important.

      More than 50 odd cases reported in Police Stations done by Pastors and Bishops is recorded in this site.

  8. Joe says:

    It is a really interesting site and what is told here.
    When @n.krishna in the comment above says that children should
    be protected from such catholic influences then she is right. Because the
    children are taught a highly problematic theology, like the Augustinian
    theology which has nothing whatsoever to do with the Jesus and the
    four gospels. The Augustinian theology is the theelogy of the horrible God
    kind of created in the centuries after Jesus when things were turned
    upside down.
    There is really a lot to what she says.

  9. Media will not show this news, they only target Hindu

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வரலாற்று உண்மைகளை அலசுவோமே

Devapriyaji - True History Analaysed

வரலாற்று உண்மைகளை அலசுவோமே

வரலாற்று உண்மைகளை அலசுவோமே

கிறிஸ்தவம் பலானது

உண்மைகளை அறிவோம் தீமைகளை விரட்டுவோம்

World Watch- Devapriyaji

வரலாற்று உண்மைகளை அலசுவோமே

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