Dr.Ketan Desai- Indian Medical Council Chariman Arrested for 2 Crore Bribe

MCI chief Ketan Desai arrested for corruption

NEW DELHI: Medical Council of India president Dr Ketan Desai and two others were arrested late on Thursday for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs two crore to grant recognition to a medical college in Punjab.

Desai was arrested late last night after the CBI conducted searches at his office here following information that he along with his associate Jitender Pal Singh was allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs two crore to recognise a college in Punjab, CBI spokesperson Harsh Bahal said today.

Bahal said that Desai along with Singh and another associate Dr Kanwaljit Singh of Gyan Sagar Medical College in Punjab have been arrested by CBI on corruption charges.

The spokesperson said that the three were being interrogated and searches were going on at six other places in Delhi and outside.

The CBI laid a trap after receiving a complaint and caught Singh allegedly with Rs 2 crore which was to be delivered to Desai.

The agency also conducted raids in Punjab, Delhi and Gujarat to trace Desai’s other associates.

The main objectives of the Medical Council include maintenance of uniform standards of medical education and recommendation for recognition/de-recognition of medical qualifications of medical institutions of India or foreign countries.

MCI chief held for payoff, 34 medical colleges in limbo

Ghulam Nabi AzadPosted: Saturday , Apr 24, 2010 at 0329 hrsNew Delhi:
The arrest of Medical Council of India (MCI) president Dr Ketan Desai on charges of corruption and bribery last night has pushed into some uncertainty the fate of 34 colleges awaiting the Council’s final approval.

Desai, head of the apex body regulating higher education and degrees in medicine, was arrested for allegedly striking a Rs 2-crore deal to allow new courses in the private Gian Sagar Medical College in Patiala, Punjab. A New Delhi-based middleman and two men associated with the college were also arrested.

A total 79 medical colleges countrywide are understood to be currently awaiting the MCI’s final decision on their status. Forty-five colleges have received an initial thumbs-down, but even the 34 that have got preliminary approval need to receive the Council’s final recommendation.

These decisions — on setting up new colleges, or starting new courses or increasing seats in existing ones — are supposed to be made by May 15, so that admissions for the new academic year can begin in June.


3 Responses to Dr.Ketan Desai- Indian Medical Council Chariman Arrested for 2 Crore Bribe

  1. devapriyaji says:

    கேத்தன் தேசாய் வீ‌ட்டி‌ல் ரூ.212 கோடி ரொ‌க்க‌ப்பண‌ம் ப‌றிமுத‌ல்
    புதுடெ‌ல்‌லி, சனி, 24 ஏப்ரல் 2010( 10:11 IST )

    ல‌‌ஞ்ச‌ப் புகா‌ரி‌ல் ‌சி‌க்க‌ி உ‌ள்ள இ‌ந்‌திய மரு‌த்துவ கவு‌ன்‌சி‌ல் தலைவர் கேத்தன் தேசாய் ‌வீ‌ட்டி‌ல் ம‌த்‌‌திய புலனா‌ய்வு‌த்துறை‌யின‌ர் சோதனை நட‌த்‌தி ரூ.212 கோடி ரொ‌க்க‌ப்பண‌‌த்தை கை‌ப்ப‌ற்‌றியு‌ள்ளன‌ர்.

    டெ‌ல்‌லி, ப‌ஞ்சா‌‌ப், ச‌ண்டிக‌ர் ம‌ற்று‌ம் குஜரா‌த் மா‌நில‌ம் அகமதாபா‌த்‌தி‌ல் உ‌ள்ள தேசா‌‌யி‌ன் அலுவலக‌ங்க‌ள் ம‌ற்று‌ம் ‌வீடுக‌ளி‌லு‌ம் ம‌த்‌‌திய புலனா‌ய்வு‌த்துறை‌யின‌‌ர் சோதனை நட‌‌த்‌தினா‌ர்க‌ள்.

    அகமதாபா‌த்‌தி‌ல் உ‌ள்ள தேசா‌ய் ‌வீ‌‌ட்டி‌ல் நட‌ந்த சோதனை‌யி‌ல் 212 கோடி ரூபா‌ய் ரொ‌க்க‌‌ப்பணமு‌ம், அவரு‌க்கு சொ‌ந்தமான க‌ல்லூ‌ரி‌யி‌ல் உ‌ள்ள லா‌க்க‌ரி‌ல் நட‌ந்த சோதனை‌யி‌ல் பலகோடி ரூபா‌யு‌ம் கை‌ப்ப‌ற்ற‌ப்ப‌ட்டது.

    இது தொட‌‌ர்பாக தேசா‌யிட‌ம் நட‌த்த‌ப்ப‌ட்ட முத‌ல்கட்ட ‌விசாரணை‌யி‌ல், பு‌திதாக சுய‌நி‌தி மரு‌த்துவ க‌ல்லூ‌ரி தொட‌ங்க 25 முத‌ல் 35 கோடி ரூபா‌ய் வரை ல‌ஞ்ச‌ம் பெ‌ற்‌றிரு‌ப்பது தெ‌ரியவ‌ந்தது.

    அதும‌ட்டு‌மி‌‌ன்‌றி இ‌ந்‌தியா முழுவது‌ம் உ‌ள்ள ஏற‌த்தாழ 200 சுய‌நி‌தி மரு‌த்துவ க‌ல்லூ‌ரிகளு‌ம் தேசா‌‌யி‌க்கு தலா 5 இட‌ங்க‌ளை ஒது‌க்‌‌கி த‌ந்‌திரு‌ப்பது‌ம், அதனை அவ‌ர் பண‌ம் பெ‌ற்று‌க் கொ‌ண்டு மாணவ‌ர்களு‌க்கு வழ‌ங்‌கி இரு‌ப்பது‌ம் ‌விசாரணை‌யி‌ல் க‌ண்டு‌பிடி‌க்க‌ப்ப‌ட்டு‌ள்ளது.

    இ‌ந்‌நிலை‌யி‌ல் தேசாயை டெ‌ல்‌லி‌யி‌ல் உ‌ள்ள ‌நீ‌திம‌ன்ற‌த்த‌ி‌ல் ஆஜ‌ர்படு‌த்‌தி 5 நா‌ட்க‌ள் ‌விசாரணை காவ‌லி‌ல் ம‌த்‌‌திய புலனா‌ய்வு‌த்துறை அ‌திகா‌ரிக‌ள் எ‌டு‌த்து‌ள்ளன‌ர்

  2. devapriyaji says:

    Arrested Medical Council chief was guilty of misconduct’

    2010-04-23 19:50:00
    Medical Council of India chief Ketan Desai, who was arrested Thursday night, was guilty of a ‘conspiracy’ to fraudulently give recognition to a private medical college in Punjab to enable it to run courses and take more students even though they did not meet required criteria, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) sources said Friday.

    Desai was to accept ‘heavy’ bribe money from a middleman, J.P. Singh, and a doctor, Kawaljeet Singh, of the Gian Sagar Medical College, located between Chandigarh and Patiala on a sprawling campus that also includes a 500-bed hospital.

    The CBI sources, who did not wish to be identified as they were not supposed to speak to the media, said Sukhwinder Singh, vice chairman of the Gian Sagar Charitable trust and one of the trustees of the Gian Sagar Medical College, approached Desai through J.P. Singh ‘to find out ways and means to overcome the deficiencies regarding infrastructure of the college and get permission from MCI.’

    ‘Desai sought heavy consideration through J.P. Singh. He not only provided prior information about the inspection schedule of MCI but also ensured that favourable report is given by the inspectors, resulting which the Gyan Sagar Medical College has obtained the requisite permission,’ the sources said.

    Sukhwinder Singh has also been arrested and brought to New Delhi.

    The sources said an inspecting team of MCI had denied renewal to Gian Sagar Medical College. The inspecting team in their Jan 12 report, which was for renewal of permission for the fourth batch of students for the 2010-2011 academic session, reported many infrastructural deficiencies, like in the radiology department, that had three static and three mobile units against the requirement of five each.

    ‘There was no facility for demonstrating experimental work on animals by computer aided education. There was no provision for e-class. Pharmaco-vigilance committee is not constituted. Space for endoscopy is not provided in the operation theater. Central research laboratory was not available,’ said the CBI’s internal report a copy of which was available with IANS.

    There were also other infrastructural deficiencies like no proper common room for boys and girls, limited seating capacity in auditorium and examination hall non-availibility of other key clinical equipment.

    The college was asked to provide an undertaking to the MCI that it will not undertake courses leading to Diploma in National Board (DNB), a post graduate medical diploma, in the opthalmology and medicine until they improve their infrastructure.

    According to the CBI, Sukhwinder Singh arranged for Rs. 2 crore to be delivered to Desai through J.P. Singh at a preferred location in Delhi on April 22. The money was brought to Delhi by Kawaljeet Singh who was exerting influence over Desai by ‘corrupt or illegal means…’

    J.P. Singh had also been providing expensive gifts to Desai for some time in the pursuit of his nefarious plans, the sources said.

    However, close associates of Desai in the MCI, the profession’s highest regulatory body, said that Desai was being framed as he had initiated many reforms that had alienated vested interests in the profession as well pharmaceutical firms that often worked hand in glove with many doctors.

    In the last few months, Desai has been in the news for wide-ranging reforms – ranging from abolishing the ‘corrupt practice’ of accepting gifts by doctors to introducing a truncated rural MBBS course for creating a cadre for rural India. He has also written to pharmaceutical companies asking them to explain why they sponsored foreign trips for scores of doctors and threatening to withdraw licensing of doctors who accepted such favours.

    However, no one from MCI came forward to speak in favour of or against Desai on record.

    When contacted, K.P. Mathur, an MCI member, told IANS: ‘I read about the incident in newspapers this (Friday) morning. I have no more information. You know as much as I know.’

  3. Dr.Ketan Desai is a chance to the renissance of indian medical systems,especially in prophetic system of medicine.and he can prove the responcibility of man kind with this system of medicine
    Dr S A Zuhoori
    Institute of Islamic Medical Science
    the director
    We are running an Institute on Prophetic medicine.there is many
    effective results in cancer like fattal disease.may i pls request to
    listen to this system of medicine.
    Photo biology is the base of this system and aplying the medicine
    based on photo phytology
    yours faithfully
    Dr Sa Zuhoori

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