Shashi Tharoor aide calls Modi a ‘convicted drug peddler’

Bangalore: The war between Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi has intensified. The battle-lines between Shashi Tharoor, a Minister of State for External Affairs, and Lalit Modi, the Chairman and Commissioner of the IPL, have been clearly drawn, even as the war gets uglier.

Shashi-Tharoor-to-marry-third-time.jpgMr. Jacob Joseph, who is a key aide of Tharoor, said on CNN-IBN that Modi was a convicted criminal, who was charged with assault and drug-peddling.

Lalit ModiIn a no-holds barred attack, Joseph questioned the ownership pattern of other IPL teams, particularly the Rajasthan Royals. He also said that it was unfair to drag Tharoor’s name over his alleged link-up with Sunanad Pushkar, who owns part of the Kochi franchise.

“What is the controversy about the Kochi team? Is there anybody there related to Tharoor. There are a lot of people seen at different public functions with him. Why single out Sunanda Pushkar? He is married to Crista Gilles, she lives in New York.
“We have not got any communication from the BCCI. They have said our papers are in order. And for your information Modi is someone who was convicted for possession of 400 grams of cocaine and charged with assault and kidnapping.

He has even served a two-year sentence and those are the kind of people who we put in charge of cricket in this country.

“Why isn’t he releasing the ownership of other team members? Why does he not release the holding of Rajasthan Royals?”
“Lalit Modi has brought disrepute to the name of IPL and cricket. Tharoor has no links to any of the owners. He fought for the IPL team just like we will fight for an airport, for a seaport and any other improvement we can do for Kerala. We have no ownership, we have done all this for the love of cricket and for the love of Kerala,” he added.

Tharoor and Modi went on a collision course after the IPL commissioner went public on Twitter on Monday questioning the ownership of the Kochi franchise.

Modi trained his guns at the stake of one Sunanda Pushkar, tweeting: “I was told by him not to get into who owns Rendezvous, especially Sunanda Pushkar. Why?”

The lady in question is reportedly close to the minister. While not much is actually known about her and her link with the consortium that bought the Kochi IPL team, it is reported that Modi believes Tharoor played spin-doctor to ensure that Sunanda Pushkar gets the 4.5 per cent equity that is said to be worth between Rs 60 and 80 crore.

Rendezvous responded to Modi’s tweets by saying that he’s violating confidentiality agreements about ownership of teams, and threatened to sue him. The IPL commissioner was also reportedly pulled up by the BCCI president Shashank Manohar for his public disclosure.

Source: Cricbuzz

Indian Premier League boss, Lalit Modi, was convicted of possessing drugs, kidnapping and assault in the US during his days as a university student.


The conviction came after Modi confessed to committing the offences before a North Carolina court, USA.

Kishore Rungta, who was defeated by Modi in the battle of Head of Rajasthan Cricket Association. has claimed that the rules do not permit anyone convicted of a criminal offence to hold the post of an office-bearer.

In his defence, Modi�s lawyers say he did not serve the two-year jail sentence as he was let off on probation, and the Durham County Court did not give a final decision on his sentencing for drugs possession.

The Supreme Court has been hearing a petition challenging Modi’s position as a cricket official since 2005. But the case has acquired urgency lately after the petitioner asked for a quick resolution, either way.

If the court upholds the petitioner’s plea, Modi’s position as vice-president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India may also become untenable.

Modi’s Drug Rap in US

In 1985, General Court of Justice, Durham County, had charged Modi with kidnapping, assault and possession of 400 grams of cocaine, court documents show. He then entered a ‘plea bargain’, which is permitted under the US law and allows a reduced punishment without a trial if the accused confesses to his or her crimes.

“Since the case was reported in the press, in order to avoid further publicity, embarrassment, protracted litigation in a foreign country, heavy costs and consequent intervention with his academic career, he entered into plea bargaining,” Modi’s lawyers wrote in a submission to the Supreme Court.

The Durham County Court accepted Modi’s plea bargaining application
and found him guilty of kidnapping and assault. The court sentenced him to two years imprisonment and fined him $10,000.
On Modi’s request, the court placed him on a five-year probation,
asking him to undergo 100 hours of community service. The decision
on sentencing for possession of drugs was deferred for five years on
the condition that a $50,000 cash bond was deposited with the court This is a normal practice in North Carolina for first-time offenders.

Modi’s lawyers say the US court did not pass any final judgment on the drugs charge in the next five years and the cash bond was also discharged. North Carolina rules allow first-time offenders in drugs cases to be given the benefit of deferred sentences.The issue of Modi’s conviction has been haunting him regularly.


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