Kerala Law Against Hindus-Nayar Society NSS Warns CPI-M

NSS warns against ‘imposing’ laws on Hindus

Express News ServiceFirst Published : 19 Mar 2010 01:28:17 AM IST
KOTTAYAM: In a quick response to the approval given by the LDF Liaison Committee meet on Friday for the Devaswom Amendment Bill, the Nair Service Society has sharply criticised it and warned that any law unilaterally thrust upon the Hindu society would be opposed by all means, including legal ones.
The NSS also demanded constitution of a panel, including members of the Assembly, to discuss the Bill before it is moved in the legislature. NSS general secretary P K Narayana Panicker and assistant secretary G Sukumaran Nair said there was no pressing need to amend the existing devaswom laws. They criticised the move to amend the relevant Act without holding discussions with Hindu organisations, “that too when institutions under other religions are not subjected to such a course”. Notwithstanding the statements from the government side, no concrete discussion has been held on the issue, they said in a statement. The NSS had made its stance very clear long ago that the proposed amendment was unwarranted and should be rolled back forthwith.
The amendment was aimed at bringing the Travancore and Kochi Devaswom Boards under government control by bringing in ‘indecent clauses’ for determining the qualifications of members to be included on the boards, and ultimately giving room for political meddling by raising the number of members to seven, they said. They also pooh-poohed the Bill’s purported claim to ‘address the increased responsibility’ of the devaswom boards with the changed times and “ensure representation of prominent sections of the Hindu society”.
The government “need only look back at its own argument that the last Sabarimala season was a non-controversial one”. “For the past 10 months, certain Board posts have been kept vacant, and if things could be managed efficiently without filling the vacancies where is the need to increase the number of members,” they asked. The NSS also took exception to the clause that members should be “well-versed in singing”, and felt that the entire move was meant to give more room for mindless political interference. Given the NSS’ new stance, it remains to be seen whether the relationship between it and the LDF, recently beefed up by the Local Administration Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty’s offering floral tributes at the Mannam Samadhi, is going to be a short-lived one. The NSS leadership has already done the groundwork, legally, to counter the new Bill, it is reliably understood.


One Response to Kerala Law Against Hindus-Nayar Society NSS Warns CPI-M

  1. Omindian says:

    Nair Service Society (NSS) may be built up with the contribution of
    all community members. But now it’s owner is one Sukumaran Nair in
    Changanacherry, who joined the organisation as a peon. He rules with
    the support of the Syrian Christian goondas and has the old man P K
    Narayana Panikker as a facade for all the evil deeds. They have made
    crores, the jobs are sold at hefty rates, student admissions fetch
    lot of money, none of which has any record. Sukumaran has his sons in
    charge of key posts and hundreds of his relatives employed in the
    NSS. The NSS institutions are all dying, colleges a scene of ruin,
    many of the institutions and lands are being lost or allowed to be
    encroached for a payment. No one knows the extend of property donated
    to NSS across the state, it is never reported for the last two
    decades. The two are busy conducting black magic and people believe
    they have caused the death of many, including Kidangoor Gopalakrishna
    Pillai a former General Secretary. Recently there was a death of an
    young political leader associated with NSS and there was no post-
    mortem conducted. A Christian Kerala Congress minister helped avert
    an enquiry. It is necessary that this man’s past is known. Since he
    deserves no grace this report, not in tune with the noble nature of
    the Nair community, may be pardoned.

    Gopurathungal Moni to the local people, Sukumaran Nair, the man
    calling the shots in the Nair Service Society (NSS) now, is the son-
    in-law of Gopurathungal Kesava Pillai of Vazhappilly, a suburb of
    Changanacherry. There is a history on how he became the son-in-law.
    An ancient and eminent Tharavadu in Changanacherry Gopurathungal
    household had many servants. As a boy with no way to survive young
    Moni, alias Sukumaran was one of them. He was the son of Gopala
    Pillai, a bullock cart driver of the Changanacherry Municipality
    scavenging dead bodies. Old timers remember the man carrying
    carcasses of animals and unclaimed dead bodies in the town. Gopala
    Pillai had many wives, Sukumaran was born to his first wife. It was
    Gopuranthungal Kesava Pillai who looked after the boy, who ran
    errands at the household . Soon when Sukumaran was around seventeen
    years of age something important happened. Kesava Pillai’s daughter
    Kumari, seven years elder to him, became pregnant. Presumably from a
    communist leader, who was a cousin of Kumari, who refused to own up
    the child and mother.

    Now Kesava Pillai, left with no other alternative, the birth control
    measures were not popular those days, decided to marry off the girl
    to Sukumaran. To young Sukumaran it was an impossible dream coming
    true, to become a member of the reputed family. The revolutionary
    communist, allegedly the later MLA Kalyana Krishnan Nair, refused to
    own up the alliance, the communists were not permitted to marry in
    those days. There was more, Kesava Pillai was against the `communist’
    nephew and hated him. Neighbours wondered, as some of them told, how
    there was no marriage ceremony for the Gopuranthungal daughter.
    Instead it was done hastily by taking the couple to the registrar by
    one K R Narayanan Nair, a family friend of Kesava Pillai.
    Gopurathungal Moni was born. Soon Sujatha was born, who thus became
    Sukumaran’s first child, who is now inserted as a lecturer with NSS.
    The wife calls Sukumaran even today by his first name and daughter
    seldom calls him father. The daughter too had eloped with a low caste
    man while studying, captured after weeks with great effort, she
    continues to be unmarried. Now after Sukumaran becoming son in law
    Gopuranthungal Kesava Pillai approached Mannath Padmanabhan at the
    Nair Service Society (NSS) head quarters to give the wayward boy a
    job. After all he was the son in law of Gopurathungal family and
    Mannam gave him a job of peon at the staff cooperative society. This
    was how Sukumaran entered NSS campus.

    Next Sukumaran shifted to the NSS headquarters from Gopurathungal
    with his loyalty and liberal values and became the favourite. He used
    to fetch tea, snacks and things at the the meetings, as old timers
    tell and also serve the Nayar heavy weights who came to stay at the
    NSS guest house. He soon had a dream, to become an attender, a higher
    post than a peon but had no qualification. He was only seventh pass.
    With the support of the big names whom he had befriended by now and
    Kesava Pillai’s contacts he sat for an examination at the local NSS
    school where the teacher, who was called `Chokkan sar’, himself wrote
    the examination, and passed. Well qualified, now Sukumaran became an
    attender. By now Kumari, his wife also was given a job at the NSS and
    Sukumaran and Kumari were both in the service of the NSS. Later
    Sukumaran became an aid of his neighbour at Vazhappilly, Narayana
    Panikker, now an NSS bigwig, fetching him files and also managing
    his many weaknesses. It was Narayana Panikker who requested Kidangoor
    to give him the post of clerk at the Central Cooperative Society,
    staff society, which Kidangoor agreed. What he was to regret later.
    Next when Narayana Panikker became General Secretary Sukumaran was
    entrusted the role of Personal Assistant to the GS. A request to this
    effect, asking for the post, was made to the Director Board which was
    accepted with undue haste.

    It was from this key position that he soon became a menacing force,
    trapping people with his personal knowledge of the senior leaders,
    most of whom had weaknesses, also started arranging black magic for
    the motives. It was his street smart ways that saw most of the
    graceful senior persons vacate their chairs. The lawyer in Narayana
    Panikker and the goonda traits of Sukumaran became a potent mix. Both
    were very religious and also knew how to use the superstitions of the
    Nayars, how a series of rituals, black magic was conducted. One of
    these was `Urumpu homam’ where he got a Mantravadi, a local black
    magician, to perform a ritual to destroy all the `enemies’ of NSS. It
    is said that cloth soaked in ghee was spread around and this set fire
    after ants came into it. The local people believe that there were
    results, series of people died after that including Kidangoor himself
    now leading the `NSS Samrakhana Samiti’. As the rumours go several
    others followed, there is a list of who all died, committed suicides,
    became sick, was ruined after this. The pious Nayars fear Mantravadam
    and this story was spread all over. With this news spreading by way
    of mouth most of them challenging Panikker and Sukumaran, `enemies’
    of NSS by default, withdrew without any fuss.

    Now Sukumaran was more powerful than the General Secretary and he got
    himself elevated to the President’s post at the local Taluk Union of
    NSS. By using this tool he entered the apex bodies of the NSS
    including the Director Board. Then he made a new post for himself in
    NSS, Assistant General Secretary, then started dictating terms to all
    others. Uneducated and with his father’s scavenger legacy he knew all
    the dirty games. He is the close confidant of the Syrian Christians
    in the region whose money, muscle power and political power comes
    handy for him to attack those opposing. Those who went to demonstrate
    before the NSS headquarters were threatened by these Christian muscle
    men. Many from other parts like Thiruvananthapuram asked to leave the
    place. How he shows some generosity to them when the election time
    comes. Of particular help is the Malayala Manorama group who want
    Sukumaran to be at the helm of Nayar power and meticulously promotes
    him. Sukumaran’s son himself was employed by them, at their MRF
    factory. Manorama, with its string of reporters, also has inner
    information about the neighbouring NSS which they use to great
    advantage. As fate would have it the Nayars of Kerala, one time kings
    of Kerala, is now under this man.

    Panikker and Sukumaran have amassed enormous wealth from the NSS.
    Also the Devaswom Board, another outfit where they have clout. One
    reason why they are clinging on to their posts and pampering the
    politicians is because they know that their exit will also mean their
    going to jail. With no one to question them the institutions built by
    the community, each of the Nayars contributing, are now their
    habitat. Large amounts of bribe taken for selling the jobs in NSS and
    giving admissions are without any record and no receipts are given
    for these. Most of this shared by the duo and their coterie, how the
    people who get the share bow before them. The NSS ceased to be what
    it was, an organization meant to support the community, became
    instead a private estate of the two. Without enquiry there is no way
    to know how much wealth they have amassed in the long period they
    have been in charge. Panikker has one son in a private bank and this
    man is said to be the conduit for money transfers. Sukumaran had, as
    is said, many assets including lodges at Kanyakumari, Nagerkoil etc.
    later sold when people came to know about these. Many of the
    properties donated to the NSS across Kerala and known only to the duo
    are being sold or allowed to be encroached, the money taken by them.
    NSS is estimated to own more than 16,000 acres of land across Kerala,
    including temples donated to them. No one knows about these except
    the two and the details seldom come in the budget reports. Many of
    these as in Malabar are now encroached with the silent permission of
    the two. Where lot of money is involved. There is no record, or stock
    taking of the vast estates and other assets belonging to the NSS for
    the last several decades. This is being deliberately avoided.

    But all said and done Sukumaran is not a happy man, his own two sons
    and the other daughter, are all in their own traditional ways. Media
    reports about the daughter who was accommodated as a teacher and then
    as a lecturer with NSS, who eloped with a low caste man and was
    traced back with the help of a Congress politician did not bring any
    action from the father. She is still unmarried and no Nayar came
    forward to marry her. There are many other stories doing the rounds
    in Changanacherry which cannot be told as it can affect many others.
    The gates of the NSS buildings ofetn get many graffitis about the
    adventures of Sukumaran, many yellow journals have published series
    of reports. But nothing affects them. One son who was employed by the
    Malayala Manorama group in their MRF factory was later dismissed for
    misconduct. He is now the chief of NSS GS office. Another son ran
    away with a Christian girl. The other son is equally in good books.
    The two sons are now goondas assisting the father, assistant
    secretaries of the assistant secretary. Meanwhile Panikker, now old
    and senile is there as the mask for Sukumaran. Panikker and Sukumaran
    together have made many exploits and hence the old man can only keep
    silent. Sukumaran is all ready to takeover from Panikker as General
    Secretary, is an ambitious man. Together they have amassed enough
    wealth, have hundreds of their relatives in NSS employment and
    Sukumaran by now has inducted his own people at every position in the
    NSS from top down. If it was the best of the community occupying the
    various positions from village Karayogams to the apex bodies earlier
    it is now the most unwanted people. How Sukumaran is now the
    uncrowned king of the Nayars, for NSS claims to be the supreme
    authority of the Nayar community. Forget that the Nayars in this belt
    are now paupers, majority near begging, all glory lost, is broken,
    directionless and killing themselves. Sukumaran is having his

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